Onshore Staffing Solutions for your Business

For many businesses, the work load can often become too much for a single dedicated team to handle things. One of the solutions many businesses utilize is offshore staffing. This involves the process of outsourcing your labour to another country or area, typically in areas such as Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. While several off shore solutions are indeed a great way for businesses to lighten their work load and provide more efficient, productive services for their contractors, off shore staffing also poses certain risks. For one, there is the logistical issues involved with offshore staffing. You won't be able to reach them as easily due to factors such as time zone differences, differences in methods of communication, and language barriers in the extreme circumstances. In more severe cases, some off shore staffing opportunities may be scams or methods for bad actors using your company to generate their own revenue. This can seriously damage the reputation of a company, which is why onshore staffing is becoming an increasingly popular option for many businesses.

What is Onshore Staffing?

Onshore staffing is a new solution for businesses looking to delegate some of their workload onto new contractors and workers. For one, your workers are closer to you geographically, which means you can more easily communicate with your team. Additionally, this helps you to more easily meet deadlines, helps with accessibility, and allows you to more easily vet and process your workers in order to ensure you aren't providing work to bad actors or scammers looking to take advantage of the company.

Let's Nurture and Onshore Staffing Solutions.

Let's Nurture is proud to announce its own Onshore Staffing Solutions department. Recruiting top IT talent is our priority with Let's Nurture, and we have already worked in the offshore market around the world in countries such as Brazil, India, and the United States. Additionally, full training is provided for staff augmentation of Let's Nurture workers. We properly vet all our talent in order to avoid hiring individuals with mismatched skills to finish the job you hire us for. We familiarize our team with your design, particular specifications, and work to meet your qualifications.

Why Your Team Needs Let's Nurture for Onshore Staffing?

Talent Shortage

In Canada, there are often shortages of talent for a variety of sectors. One way to combat this is by hiring OnShore staffers, who are not from your country but possess a similar culture and workability.

Limited HR Teams

As many HR teams in Canadian businesses are not working at full capacity, Let's Nurture will support the hiring and assembling of HR staff to help run your business.

Opportunity Cost Analysis

Opportunity cost refers to the lost benefits of choosing one option or feature over another. Let's Nurture will provide an opportunity cost analysis to help your business make informed project choices to better your company.

Project Timelines

Whether you need a project completed by a certain date, or if you have strict milestones and timelines your business wants to meet; the Let's Nurtures team will work collaboratively with your business to finish your projects and reach your goals.

Temporary Staffing

Not all employees are permanent, and Let's Nurture knows that. We can provide temporary staffing to your team or project and help manage their contracts and training as well.

What are the Benefits of Hiring Let's Nurture for Onshore Staffing?

Below are some of the many benefits Let's Nurture hopes to offer with the implementation of our new Staffing operation.

Minimizes the usage of available office space in your business, allowing your workers to continue their own projects in a non-cluttered, quiet work environment.

Helps to eliminate the communication gaps often caused by time zones, different communication methods, or language barriers in other countries.

Allows you to monitor the progress of, and set appropriate deadlines for your staff based on progress.

Overall better accessibility to staff, allowing Let's Nurture to ensure there are no bad actors on your team or project, and to prevent possible issues with your service.

In addition to being cheaper than hiring offshore workers, Onshore workers have a higher cost-benefit value. They make budgeting simpler for your business, which helps you save money and devote revenue to other factors

Frequently Asked Questions :)

How are your candidates for on shore employment vetted?

A: Let's Nurture prides itself on providing knowledgeable, qualified candidates for the projects our clients entrust in us. All Let's Nurture employees must finish a brief assessment, a criminal background check, as well as an education and employment background check to ensure they will be a good and reliable fit to our clients project.

How long will it take for you to hire my team?

A: Depending on the size, specifications, and vetting process involved for the hiring of your team; it could take Let's Nurture anywhere from two weeks to two months in order to fully hire to meet all your projects needs. This depends on a variety of factors and is primarily a case by case basis.

I have an issue with someone I've hired from Let's Nurture! What do I do?

A: In the event that a client and freelancer do not pair well together, Let's Nurture is willing to offer someone else to take the place of the employee in question. In an emergency situation, please contact customer support for Let's Nurture directly or the immediate supervisor for the team with which your business is working with.

How much will hiring my on shore team cost?

A: Much like predicting how long it will take to hire your team, there is no specific set price to our Onshore hiring program. Instead, it depends on a variety of factors such as the scale of your project, the projected number of staff you need hired, and a plethora of other factors to be considered before the hiring process begins. Contact Let's Nurture for a free on shore staff consultation.

If you're interested in taking on this new method of staffing, Let's Nurture encourages businesses to contact us regarding rates, time frames, wait times, and the overall process we go through to implement your Onshore team.

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