Everyone in today’s world is familiar with the incidents of the natural disaster or any emergency needed in the critical circumstances. However, there is a world of difference when it comes to getting an immediate response, e.g. from a police or fire departments or even the hospitals. The development of On-demand apps for emergency services is playing an unprecedented role in emergency response and rescue efforts along with overall personal safety.

There are cases such as Personal Safety, Medical Emergencies, Roadside Assistance, Home Safety in the case of fire or gas leakage in which we always seek for a scope of One Touch responsive services.

Entrepreneurs working in the hyperlocal space are thoroughly confident that On-demand app development for emergency services will provide instant response and will make it easier for the consumers to access the right type of help in critical situations ranging from the events that are urgent to those which are life-threatening.

Solutions LetsNurture Provides through On-demand App Development for Emergency Services:

LetsNurture has got the expertise needed to provide customized solutions through On-demand application development for Emergency Services. Already being a Co-founder of Blood Monk App, our CEO and the team understands the sheer requirement of on-demand apps for emergency services for various departments and we are proud to serve those people who are in need of blood in urgent situations.

Our On-demand App for Emergency Services includes following Solutions:

  • On-demand Emergency Solutions for B2B and B2C platforms- Design and Development of Application
  • CRM and Back-office Solutions
  • Location-based App development
  • Real Time Tracking of Services
  • SDK/ API integration and much more on the case-to-case basis …

On-demand App Development for Emergency Services Features:

  • Users can select Language option (in case of Multi-Linguistic feature)
  • Users can select Area or City for emergency services request
  • User registration (Sign Up)/ Login via OTP generation and verification
  • SMS Alerts to notify the users
  • Call fire brigade from the app
  • Book a ride with Uber using the same application
  • Create “Care Team” such as Caregivers, Emergency Contacts, Notifying Doctors or Hospitals/ Organisations
  • Map view of nearby service providers- Hospitals, Pharmacies, Blood banks (or donors with blood group), Labs or Doctors
  • Location tracking of the Ambulance, taxis or blood donors.
  • Report Hazard by selecting Hazard Type with images
  • Video sharing and social media integration

Why Us?

Our team of developers is a pro at implementing interactive and intuitive Mobile Apps for your business.  While you choose to partner with us, you get our 8+ years of expertise into a mobile application development or a website development. We have the in-house team of web and graphics designers, web development experts of varied technical profiles, iOS application developers, Android application developers and more which can definitely do their best for On-demand App development for projects like emergency services.

It has given us immense pleasure to be a part of the life-changing on-demand application development for emergency services project in the form of Blood Monk. If you also care enough about your ideas on the same concept or any other, it is time to get the right app on your table!

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