Offshore Staffing Solutions

Outsourcing and offshoring your workload has been standard practice by a number of businesses for years now. While some business owners have seen offshoring responsibilities as 'lazy' or 'unethical', there's no denying that this practice can be highly lucrative, not just for the business owners requesting the offshore work, but for the workers themselves as well. Staffing solutions for offshore projects can often come off as difficult to navigate or even shady. That's why Let's Nurture is seeking to optimize the world of offshore staffing solutions with our friendly teams and easy to use service.

Offshore Staffing by Let's Nurture

Offshore work shouldn't mean assigning the tasks and going completely hands off. Instead, Let's Nurture gives you the freedom to have your projects completed by a team of your size, regardless of the specifications of the project. Additionally, we make sure you don't have to sacrifice your quality by giving your business access to highly skilled employees which can be difficult to find in your local job market. Let's break down some of the services and benefits offshoring with Let's Nurture brings to your business!


Consulation, Budgeting, and Planning

Let's Nurture will begin by assisting in identifying the roles of offshore staff, a readiness assessment, assist with budget development, and give you an overall structural review for your offshore work. We'll also assist with plan deployment and program development.


Establishing your Team

By identifying the neccesary roles and requirements of the project, Let's Nurture will assist with talent acquisition and client management programs. Additionally, we can provide training materials and databases for your team.


Live Testing and Debugging

Before deploying your project, we'll make sure it works without a hitch. Our offshore teams can assist with live testing, debugging, and any other quality assurance measures.


Security and Data Compliance

By following industry standards related to data and privacy, Let's Nurture helps your business take the security of your projects to the next level with easy data storage, collaborative privacy plans, and simple to follow standards.


Readiness of Client Support

Let's Nurture and it's team of offshore staffers work closely with our clients to work on a proper communication plan, system revie, and IT review to make sure our clients are prepared to deploy and launch their projects.


Better Operational Quality

Let's Nurture strives to put itself at the head of the pack when it comes to operational and administrative quality. We handle the the training and performance of our staff, as well as analysing training needs for staff regularly.

For those curious about using our offshore staffing solutions services for their business, or wish to consult Let's Nurture; you can contact us directly using the form below for a free consultation and discussion regarding our services.

Why Your Team Needs Let's Nurture for Offshore Staffing?

Labour Shortages

In countries like Canada, shortages for sectors like I.T. And computer science are common. Let our offshore staff fill your labour shortages, and help you get your projects completed.

Time Sensitive Projects

Got a project you need to be finished yesterday? The Let's Nurture team is used to tight deadlines and getting products out quick. We use CRM software to improve project efficiency and keep working hard so you can focus on your business.

Budget Constraints

Do you have a project your company needs to be finished but lack the funds or resources? Let's Nurture will negotiate payment plans and alternative methods of paying if your company is unable to pay for the full cost immediately.

Balanced Labour Force

Let's Nurture will create a balanced labour force with a diverse range of communities, skills, cultures, genders, and backgrounds to provide your project with a diverse, collaborative workforce.

Customer Service

Regardless of when you need them, Let's Nurture provides full-time customer service to all our customers and clients. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Establishing Multiculture Human Capital

We're looking to create workplace environments where everyone feels welcome. Let's Nurture aims to merge cultures and better the capital of all those who work with our teams.

Expansion into New Markets

Whether it’s launching new products or services or creating a marketing campaign, our offshore teams can help you plan and execute your expansions into new markets.

Talent Development

Let's Nurture aims to deliver top talent to our clients. Because of this, we provide regular training to our employees to keep their skills sharp and their overall work ethic efficient.

What are the benefits of Hiring Let's Nurture for Offshore Staffing?


Remote Solutions for your Workforce

Let's Nurture assists you and your business in developing the professional offshore team you need to get the job done.


A Long History of Satisfied Customers

Let's Nurture has been in the business of helping businesses make their IT dreams a reality for more than two decades. We've helped plenty of great clients in the past, and are ready to help your business, too!


Specialists Among our Teams

Let's Nurture is familiar with much of the staff we utilize for our offshore teams. Our teams are staffed with industry specialists and professonals with years of experience to help your business grow.

For those curious about using our offshore staffing solutions services for their business, or wish to consult Let's Nurture; you can contact us directly using the form below for a free consultation and discussion regarding our services.


How is Let's Nurture's Employees chosen for employment?

A: Let's Nurture's assurance of quality employees is reflected in our hiring process. We seek graduates, post grads, and highly skilled individuals with multiple years of industry experience and know-how for working on projects independently. We also test for verbal and analytic skills, technical exams, and a systemic interviewing process involving problem solving and reference checking.

How does Let's Nurture protect my intellectual property rights and data?

A: Let's Nurture follows industry standards and practices in order to protect both intellectual property as well as client data. This protects any copyrightable, patentable, or proprietary information of our clients.

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