Nearshore Staffing Solutions

Between the closeby professionals of onshoring and the fairaway world of offshoring lies the world of nearshoring staffing solutions. Nearshoring functions similar to those who offshore their labour, but is typically much closer than an offshore operation. Nearshore projects typically function in a nearby country, increasing the over-cost efficiency for your client, as well as simpler communication due to similar languages, cultures, and timezones. Nearshore developers are a fairly new sector of the staffing market, but Let's Nurture is ready to help you make the most of your nearshore team in North America.

Nearshore Cost Analysis

It Engineer Cost California New york British Columbia Atlantic Canada
Fresh Graduate Salary $100K $75K $75K $35K
Developer Salary $250K $150K $150K $60K
Manager Salary $150 - 250K $150 - 100K $100K $70K
QA & Support Salary $100K $75K $75K $35K

Not only is nearshoring a great solution for small businesses, but IT nearshoring is huge in European countries where it's market revenue is an estimated $2311.72 million by 2021. Additionally, nearshore marketing companies provide marketing for not just your native country, but many others around the world as well which can assist in getting your business more easily noticed by customers globally.

If you're interested in taking on this new method of staffing, Let's Nurture encourages businesses to contact us regarding rates, time frames, wait times, and the overall process we go through to implement your onshore team.

Why Nearshore may be right for your Business?



Nearshore staffing solutions make things easier not just for your project, but for your employees as well. They'll be working in a familiar cultural and language landscape, making their jobs easier in the long run.



With lower labour costs for your nearshore staffers, as well as the ability to get more work done in less time; hiring nearshore staffers is a great way to lower your cost of business while increasing potential revenue through innovation.



By hiring in other regions and nearby areas, you help diversify and fill your talent pool with a variety of skilled professionals and knowledgeable experts with years if not decades of experience.



Nearshore staffing gives you the same flexibility in your talent pool and hiring as offshoring does. The ability to hire talented, skilled individuals from a variety of backgrounds is a great move for any development team.

Scaling Up

Scaling Up

Looking to grow your business and expand into new markets? Nearshore staffing can help you to easily position those in your company to meet your goals and scale upwards to new success.



In addition to all these benefits, your business may be entitled to grants or funding related to business expansion or digital transformation goals.

Nearshore Staffing Solutions offered by Let's Nurture


Data Centers

For all your remote storage and data process needs, Let's Nurtures nearshore staffs can function as a data center for the secure hosting of all your business data.


Enhanced Cybersecurity and Backup

By using industry standard cybersecurity tools and practices, Let's Nurture keeps your data safe from threats and cyber attacks. Additionally, we regularly backup data to ensure the protection of your hard work.

Back-Office Services

Back Office Services

If you're looking to lighten the administrative load, Let's Nurture offers administrative work for businesses as well; so you can focus on business expansion and your important customers!


Nearshore R&D Center

Whether you're looking to design an entirely new software, product, or service, or if you're simply looking to update an existing one; Let's Nurture will work closely with your team for the research, development, and deployment of your product.


QA and BA Center

Our team of business and quality experts will assess your businesses overall quality, giving you tips and ideas, as well as analytics you can utilize to better your business and improve revenue and productivity.


Support and Maintenance

Adding to Let's Nurture's customer service abilities, all nearshore solutions come with full 24/7 customer support and ongoing maintenance assistance for all our clients and projects.

Why should you choose Let's Nurture?


Hiring Handled

We handle the entire hiring process, as well as any related paperwork and interviews. This allows our clients time to focus on their own tasks and company related priorities.


Safe Data Handling

By following industry standard protocols for safe data transfer and handling, we protect our client's information from unauthorized access or security breaches.


Cost Effective

Let's Nurture believes in helping businesses find cost effective, flexible solutions to their staffing needs. We'll work with you to find services which adequately fit your budget and your business needs.


How much will hiring my nearshore team cost?

A: Much like predicting how long it will take to hire your team, there is no specific set price to our onshore hiring program. Instead, it depends on a variety of factors such as the scale of your project, the projected number of staff you need hired, and a plethora of other factors to be considered before the hiring process begins. Contact Let's Nurture for a free on shore staff consultation.

How will my team communicate? How will I know what is getting finished?

A: Let's Nurture and its staffing teams utilize CRM and productivity software, in order to transparently show our clients and employees alike the work we are completing in a timely manner.

What industries do you work with?

A: We have experience with many industries, including technology, healthcare, infrastructure, professional and financial services.

How do you measure customer success and quality of delivery?

A: We use scorecards to measure performance and quality. A key way that we partner and measure success with our clients is by using Net Promoter Score or NPS, which is a metric that determines the loyalty of customers to a company with a score from 0 to 60, where a higher one is desirable. NPS scores are measured with a single question survey.

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