Every house faces electrical difficulties time to time. They either contact the local electrician who is almost always unavailable or pay a substantially higher amount to the one who is willing to serve on urgent basis.If you are an independent electrician or have an electrician service business, you have a business opportunity here! We, at LetsNurture, build Mobile App For Electricians on Android & iOS platforms.

Mobile App For Electricians

With a mobile app for electricians on android or iOS Devices for customers who need electrical repairing or house rewiring, your business could reach out to them on time. With mobile app for electricians, you will be able to get your business have a better reach in a way to be able to create your brand image successfully.

Everybody likes a technically sound and efficient electrician who could reach on time when required or when there is an electrical emergency!

App For Electricians
App For Electricians

If you have an Electrician Service Business, you could easily have your business app for electricians and reign the untapped market which would make the customers satisfied and loyal to the business.

Scope of having an Electrician Apps

  • Be able to reach more customers
  • Provide various services on time thus gaining customer loyalty
  • Be able to hire electricians according to the demand, in case you’re a business

LetsNurture team has successfully created a myriad of app for electricions on android & iOS platforms for various kinds of businesses based on their requirements. With the list of services the business has to offer and based on the area the business is spread across, our team can design the mobile app for electricians to suit the needs of the locals which will leverage the business to newer heights.

Salient features of the mobile app ( Android / iOS)

With one-time sign up, the users can access all kinds of residential and commercial electrical troubleshooting, installations and repairing. The app for electricians comes with the price for each kind of services, hence there are no payment related hassles.

Other Important Features for Electrician Apps

  • Pre booking
  • Get the details of the electrician in your profile once the booking is confirmed
  • Push notifications
  • Selecting the kind of service required – what needs repairing, the light or the fan?!
  • Rate card for each service
  • Rate/Review the service
  • Terms and conditions (for security reasons!)

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