Livestock plays an important role in a country’s economy. These are the domestic animals raised to produce commodities such as food, fibre, milk, egg, and labor. People generally consider farmed ruminants like cattle and goats as livestock.

There are around 70.7% of the livestock thefts that are not reported every year. The technology has evolved with  several softwares for livestock theft prevention that are designed to safeguard livestock 24 hours a day. This Geofencing solution for Livestock tracking is a boon to farmers and cattle owners.

With a livestock tracking solution, one can follow the movements of the livestock animals all over the world that are being tracked in near real time. These movements are collected by tiny GPS tags that are carried by the animals.

Livestock Management Solutions are easy to use tools to collect the data that you need to make better decisions for your livestock herd. It assists farmers in understanding the health and wellbeing of livestock through real-time monitoring. Therefore farmers can quickly access and manage their investment through an online website portal which can be accessible via mobile or desktop.

It can also provide you with instant Average Daily Weight Gain after each log entry. All of the information is stored securely online and helps you better manage your herd.

Benefits of Livestock Tracking solution:
  • Reduce pilferage, shrinkage and loss through improved monitoring of RFID tagged Animals.
  • The information collected by Livestock tracking solution can be uploaded into many key animal management software packages.
  • Record what you need i.e. Calving date, Vaccination information, Hormones, weight gain, weight loss, medications.
  • Track the illness of the livestock and the performance to calculate and visualise the performance of individual animals or groups.
How LetsNurture can help you?

LetsNurture can help you to become the most efficient and profitable livestock producer with Farm Track Livestock Manager’s powerful tools. Email us at and you can also ask for the free quote for the same.

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