Healthcare App Development

Order when in place requires strategic planning and approach to get around the proceedings in every field. Especially, in the health care realm with complicated government ordinances, raising awareness of preserving health records, long-term illness and detailed reports of medical condition demands a robust, extensible and at the same time easy on the navigational front.

LetsNurture creates a revolutionary technological space adhering to enterprise mobility for corporate hospitals, which alongside advanced healthcare solutions allows stakeholders to access any document or information without being bound by time and place.

Mobile technology revolution in healthcare sector

  • 55 % Healthcare Information system
  • 48% E- Prescription System
  • 37% Patient check-in and out Tracking Apps
  • 43% Doctor Management Mobile Apps
  • 63% patient and Staff Tracking Mobile Apps
  • 44% patient Scheduling Mobile Apps
  • 3.4 billion Number of health and health care related app downloads by end of 2017

Why mobile solutions for health organizations ?

In a data centric world of today, healthcare enterprises are heavily relied upon making available data access in an attempt to connect the concerned patient at any time frame. This important data is further collected from M2M and mobile devices for accessing it over the cloud. Availability of data in real time can save million of lives. Mobile Technology is going to boost entire healthcare industry.Hence a spot-on enterprise requires being able to provide swift and advanced healthcare solutions in diagnosing, managing and eventually treating the health ailments.

Absolute Patient Care

Mobile Apps to save time on remote medical history access. Patient / Disease information available all the time.

Patient Data Security

Building a relationship of trust with high-end security features and solutions for patient privacy

Staff Reduction

Providing faster management in a cost effective way and increase in efficiency of work

Bridging the Communication Gap

Specially designed software to connect and convey medical data in a jiffy

Mobile solution verticals for healthcare

  • Hospital Information System (HIS) including NIS, LIS, RIS
  • Automated Appointment System
  • E-Prescription, Decision Making System for Physicians
  • Software with HIPAA compliance
  • Hospital Accounting and Inventory Management Software
  • EHR and PHR software
  • Operation Theatre System (OTS)
  • Integration of Third Party Medical Software (such as medical pharmacopeia) into existing healthcare systems

The LetsNurture team of business and technology experts are here to design a customized solution, magnifying the organizational needs for a 100% result. We have been delivering mobile based solution in android & iOS platforms for various industries. Health & fitness is one of our expertise. We have worked on various applications such as heart rate measurement application using beacon, hospital navigation prototype, vaccination reminder, care givers network, blood donors, human anatomy application. Our hands on experience has always help our health sector clients. Our Web & mobile solution can be helpful in various way such as.

Medical Analysis

  • Putting to use patient-centric data and analysis for research and improve the services
  • Developing and transforming legacy systems’ data into information rich database to improve finance management, admin process and quickens the decision-making ability

System Integration

  • Enhancing the experience of integrating, exchanging and sharing of information within organization or among other centres
  • Secure navigational getaways for data management system resulting in saving time and costs

Healthcare Interoperability

  • Secure data and content of medical records with access of being shared and/or exchanged among consultants, insurers and other stakeholders or communities of interest
  • Considering the device ecosystem for managing enterprise mobility solutions for health care for smooth functioning of the system at all terminals

Operational Evaluation

  • Aiding improvement in conditions specific to patients and provide quality care by errorless data sharing and streamlining medical records
  • Accelerating productivity and control cost by integrating enterprise solutions into existent resources

Patient Management

  • Maintaining patient records & information centralized
  • Predictive analysis based on patient past record

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