Health and fitness app development is one of the most happening categories across the Mobile Platforms. Following various media reports, it is believed that Apple users are more inclined towards it than Android. But the percentage share and monetization of Health & Fitness apps category top the chart for both the platforms. Health app & fitness app development really helps to maintain health in our day-day life.

In the United States alone, above 50% Smart Phone users utilise the Health & fitness App for Diet Programs, Exercise Programs, Exercise Trackers and various other Health related matters. But not even half of these users prefer to access the Websites for similar queries. So if you do not have the Health & Fitness App in this industry, you are losing to your competitors. Hence it has become an integral part to have such apps through health and fitness app development and services to retain and increase customer base.

Scope in Apple’s iOS for Health and Fitness App Development

In the WWDC of Apple held in June 2014, the Company responded to the global demand of Health and Fitness App development. The launch of ‘Health’ App and the ‘HealthKit’ API is a welcome move by the community of developers and the business owners in the Health.

& Fitness industry. The Health App simply provides the presentation of various Health and Fitness App in an iPhone – in a single platform. And the HealthKit API allows Third-Party App developers create similar products.

Health  and Fitness App – Future in iOS Apps

  • Inter-App Communications – Two Third Party Apps will be able to share the data with each other and developers can implement various use cases to provide dynamic health programs to the user
  • Third-Party Widgets in the Notification Area
  • Third-Party Extensions to enable extensive features in the existing Apps
  • Sharing the App Data with a Closes users group (called Family Group) using Cloud Services
  • Availability of data from all of the Health and Fitness App the user has – in one place

Allowing the user to analyze the data through a cycle of weeks to months

letsnurture process
Letsnurture Process

Scope in Google’s Android for Health and Fitness App Development

Android may not be as glamorous as iOS. But there are two major advantages of the Android Platform – (1) Huge customer base and (2) Flexibility. Android predominantly holds a huge share in Asian markets and Eastern Europe. Therefore, businesses targeting the global audience can’t just rely on having an iOS App. And if your target base is not USA & Europe – you must have an Android App for your Business.

Marketing the Health and Fitness App for Android

As there is a vast difference in the expectancy of Android and Apple user, you cannot have an App with a similar strategy. Especially for the Health and Fitness app into this category, you might plan to launch a full-featured version of paid iOS App and have successful results. But it is ideal to have two versions of the Android App to capture the users who are content with free and the users who may opt for a paid version. Google’s very own google fit is also a great health and fitness app.

LetsNurture – Your Health and Fitness App Development

We have a strong portfolio in a development of health and fitness app for Android and iOS. We have successfully managed the Projects for health and fitness app development for both the platforms and provided our clients with a beautiful and a scalable solution for their business. Our specialist teams of Android & iOS 10 developers and Solution Architects are keen to explain the scope for your next Project for Health and Fitness App. Health and Fitness app is all about capturing correct data & provide more & more specific data to analyze.

  • Sensor Based Heart rate measurement using BLE
  • Expertise on polar H7 / Wearlink Bluetooth heart rate monitor
  • Garmin / Polar / Suunto API Experience
  • Also, Experience on cardio sports band for heart rate measurement
letsnurture solution
Letsnurture Solution

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