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Excel sheet existence on your desktops to conversion into a mobile app is a much-required step. What is the major difference? Why is the conversion necessary?  How to convert this excel sheet into apps? Our Developers Create Android Apps with Excel. Read on to find out the solution to these impending questions.

The foremost thing you can do by converting an Excel sheet into a commercial iPhone App is selling it on the App store itself. This even can help you in making money on the same. Moreover, apart from this you can use it for your organisational needs and share it with other team members to render simplification of the task.

As one is aware of the tasks an Excel spreadsheet is preferred from detailed user input manager, expenditure tally, tabular reports to calculate sales or just for data comparisons and analysis. The difference of converting these sheets into an app allows users to save the template of the existing or nature of usage to be used again. This generates pdf reports or mail the details on the go reducing a lot of manpower and time.

Holding on to the traditional information feeds on the Excel sheets might do no good or seem efficient with changing times and efficiency of applications. The major backdrop of using the good old Excel sheet comes with a lot of manpower and monitoring, while allotment of special positions for the same.

In order to come to this tedious situation, the only way out is in converting Excel spreadsheets into convenient mobile apps.

To Create Android Apps with Excel and its Advantages

Speaking of conversion, let’s dig deeper into the advantageous features of this application in either iOS, Android or others:

  • As the mobile handsets are handy in nature the devices are at all times in their pockets, in comparisons to either a PC or laptop.
  • The application allows storage of data in the phone memory to be able to access it again without even an Internet connection.
  • The features inbuilt in the application, allows the user to get back to office and sync the data/files to a central server.
  • Every form of data or information collected are united or to one common source totally the above.
  • The maintenance of hierarchy and user defined rights and permissions can be assigned while working simultaneously.
  • An E-mail notification can be present in order to be updated every time there is a change in the data.
  • The app can also have a brand name decided by the user with color schemes and other customized features.
  • One can create a login-password option to allow users to access the app and design the drop down menu or email the same.
  • As the application is phone specific, another advantage to fall back upon is the contact list. So, this can be accessed and used under the client title to save time and energy.
  • Also, the horizon further expands the use of images, GPS locations as consisting of the collection of data and calendars for appointments with multiple language outputs in the bargain too.

Layman and technical use of Excel sheet into Mobile App

As far as the explanation of the features of the conversion of the spreadsheet into an app goes, the most relevant aspect to be discussed is Calculation. However, the Excel calculators are of use to every industry with the quality of complex formula which is manually tedious and inaccurate in application or comprehension. As the above attributes suggest it is very convenient and apt for utility by not only the non-technical but also the common man with the benefit of a mobile app.

In order to understand the properties thoroughly let’s take examples and discuss the needs and usage specific to the industry.

Energy Sector & Excel sheet

There is a wide scope of calculations needed for this particular industry and Excel sheets make it convenient in the following way:

Energy (NRG) Calculator

  • Thermostat Calculators;
  • Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) Calculators; and
  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Calculator;
  • Electric, Heat, Cooling Load Calculators;
  • Also, Temperature, Fuel, Furnace and Other Energy Savings, Consumption and Conversion Calculations.

So,to create android apps with excel can be fruitful for the employees involved in the industry. The attainment of the right value happens quickly without the need to understand in detail the technicalities of the software. The fulfilment of the value also does not need the thorough knowledge of the formula.

Health and Fitness Sector for excel to mobile application

As compared to the energy sector the health and fitness also invites a lot of calculations of the data. Some are mentioned below:

Carb Counter App

  • Calorie Consumption or Carbohydrate Calculators;
  • LDL / HDL Cholesterol Calculators;
  • BMI Calculators;
  • Food and Diet, Recipe Ingredient and Nutritional Value Calculators; and
  • Blood Pressure Calculators;
  • Other Workout, Sports, and Health & Fitness Calculators

Organisations and firms dealing with healthcare products or fitness trainers can establish these Excel calculators. This will help consumers use this customised sheets for their daily needs and calculations. Going an extra mile is what this app will do for your brand with such initiatives.

Banking Sector For migrating from Excel to Mobile Application

The financial and banking sector have been the highly concentrated area in regards to calculation of data and the relevance in the economy of any country. It is obvious that also the consultant along with the customer in BSFI industry require undergoing a series of calculations to make sure the planning or projection under the title is efficient. As the needs vary in proportion and size as far as the calculations are concerned the different kinds have been listed below:

  • Auto Loan, Equated Monthly Installment (EMI), Home Equity, Debt Reduction, Personal Finance and other Banking Calculators
  • Mortality, Life Expectancy, and other Insurance Calculators;
  • Cumulative Return on Investment (ROI) and Profit & Loss Calculators;
  • Home Budget Calculators;
  • Compound Interest Installment and Credit Card Pay Off Calculators;
  • Cost, Deal, Price Calculators;
  • Income Tax, Federal Tax, and other Tax Calculators Sales Tax Calculator
  • Bond Value and Yield Calculators;
  • Debt to Income Ratio and other Financial Calculators

Being well versed with the need of the hour in regards to the various industry specific necessities. So, there remains no weapon to battle out these major calculation issues. Moreover, the problem being the availability and accessibility of these Excel sheets with ample manpower and time consumption. However, the scenario can be completely flipped on converting the Excel sheets into mobile applications at the disposal of a phone. Due to this, it becomes faster and accurate in dealing with such specific calculations.


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