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While you are searching for the most scalable framework to build Business application, you must not underestimate how viable WordPress can be as Application Framework. WordPress has evolved from merely as a Blogging site to one of the most prominent platform for website development and CMS implementation.

creative app development
creative app development

Distinct Features of WordPress as Application Framework:

  • Over thousands to ready to use Themes
  • Customization of Themes and Flexibility
  • E-Commerce Ready
  • SEO and Google Friendly URLs
  • Enhanced security features
  • User authentication and access to users by setting up various levels of user groups
  • In-built Blog functionality with ability to handle various Data objects
  • Extensibility and rich API library
  • Seamless access to Application from Desktop and Mobile platforms

Let’s look at three different Business types and their Requirements:

Hotel Booking Portal:

A Hotel Booking portal requires a beautiful frontend that features your Brand. And it also requires a robust order management system to manage the bookings and serve the customers. WordPress Themes, WordPress CMS and WordPress Plugins are the answer to all of these requirements. Moreover the Web Application with these features using WordPress as Framework will have in-built blogs and Meta tags to market your brand and interact with your customers.

While you manage the backend admin of the App providing various levels of access to your employees, the customers will also have different set of permissions to manage their bookings. And on the go access from their Smart Phones and Tablets will ensure better customer service engagements.

Staff Portal:

An intranet portal or a staff portal mainly requires ability of the framework to handle load and access to information at different groups of different levels – distinctly. And the WordPress Blog will ensure an interactive tool for your employees to interact through open forums. Allowing access to staff portal while they are connected within office network will provide more functional web layout to keep an intuitive work ambiance.

News Website:

A News Website needs lots of and lots of Blogs. It needs an aesthetic but still professional UI. And it requires the ability to handle large size of Data of various types. A WordPress powered news website can manage all of these aspects. But the mobile optimization of the same can allow your users have easy access to news and it will provide seamless sharing of news to Social Media. With the availability of interests of your users, you can trigger push notifications to keep your users updated with various news feeds.

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