Chrome Cast App Development

Google has just stepped ahead of Android and iOS situation post the first anniversary of Chromecast. With the release of ‘Google Cast SDK’, developers now have the ultimate freedom to integrate Android & iOS Apps and Websites & Web Apps with Google Chromecast. And as Rishi Chandra – Chromecast PM Director added: ‘Our Opportunity set is fairly large”.

Earlier only handful of Apps such as HBO Go, Hulu Plus, Pandora and others were allowed on the platform. And streaming had initial support to some of Google’s own Apps such as Netflix, YouTube and Chrome (browser). What the developers had was a preview SDK to play around with Chromecast support. But the release of Google Cast SDK will definitely open the floodgates for more Chromecast Apps and existing Apps having support for Chromecast.

Chromecast App Development and The Future ahead:

Third Party Apps for Chromecast and patented Apps will not only change the experience through the large screen of TV. But it will trigger a colossal impact on augmented reality and the overall experience of accessing to internet and Apps as a whole. Android wearable Apps and Smart TV is definitely the next thing after the saturation of extensibility we can hope for in the Smart Phones. And Application developers must gear up to deliver against the increasing demand for Chromecast Apps.

How ChromeCast App works actually?

Chromecast features a chrome browser specifically designed to run dedicated Web Applications called as “receiver” applications. And they require external source to provide input media feed. That’s where our “sender” applications come. Using a common Wi-Fi network both can be connected. Now this can easily be done using a Smart Phone (or Laptop) and Chromecast integration. And your user can run a sender app in the Smart Phone and enjoy the output in the large screen of Chromecast.

Lets Nurture – We aim to deliver the Future:

We are adaptive to the changing technologies. We have successfully managed the Mobile and Web Application development Projects since 6+ years. Our team has successfully managed Projects for Chromecast app development and new technological trends such as – BLE Apps and delivered a beautiful real world Application. Share your idea – your requirement with us. And let our Analysts come up with a strategic plan to implement the same. Ask for our portfolio today. And send us an email today to request an estimation for your Project to

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