Automotive and Logistics Mobility Solutions

Due to emerging technology and mobility solutions, Automotive and Logistic Industry is experiencing immense evolution in infrastructure while becoming more dynamic than ever. On the other hand, demands are also constantly changing the way resources are utilize, product customization and safety requirements.

Let’s Nurture offers robust mobility solutions changing the face of the automobile and logistic business for our clients. Our IoT solutions along with custom mobile app development services with quality UI/UX design for automotive and transportation businesses have brought more flexibility and seamless solutions increasing the brand value in the market. website development company

Automotive and Logistics Solutions offered by Let’s Nurture

Managing Automotive and Logistic services can be extremely difficult at times, given regular monitoring of all aspects like inbound and outbound transportation, materials handling, management of fleet, warehouse and inventory, order fulfillment, etc. We at Let’s Nurture, offer range of custom and end-to-end mobility solutions for your automotive and logistics business, from tracking resources to tracking assets to monitor and enhance operations and efficiency in a cost effective way.

Last Mile Delivery Logistics Solution

Last Mile Delivery Logistics Solution

Let’s Nurture offers reliable smart solutions which will enable businesses to save time and costs in finding the precise locations of delivery. Our solution provides optimised and automated delivery channel, route planning and resource allocation. Our last mile delivery solutions help improve scalability of operations using IoT, GPS and Geofence technologies.

On-field Workforce Management Solution

On-field Workforce Management Solution

Monitor, track and analyze all the activities happening on the field at your fingertip with our on-field workforce management system. Our solutions will help businesses to take care of all the operations and manage their workforce effectively through real-time monitoring and control. We provide custom web and mobile app development services to keep track and improve operational decision making.

On demand Delivery Management Solution

On demand Delivery Management Solution

Streamline your delivery process with Lets Nurture’s On demand Delivery Management Solution. This is an ideal solution similar to uber-like on-demand applications. Moreover, the solution also offer route optimisation functionality for businesses to be able to deliver accurately. Such automotive and logistic mobility solution helps to manage delivery process at ease.

Reverse Logistic Automation Solution

Reverse Logistic Automation Solution

Reduce cost by employing our automated reverse logistic solution for your business. Improve corporate image and customer satisfaction by implementing reverse logistic process which results in high measurable and holistic reporting. We provide custom inventory management solutions and iBeacon/ BLE based smart warehouse management system which ease up the pain to manage and maintain stock.

Fleet Management Solution

Fleet Management Solution

Enhance the QoS while increasing efficiency by implementing fleet management solution for your business. From reducing maintenance costs, Vehicle breakdowns, mishaps to increased transparency and remote visibility, our fleet management solution is all any business with vehicular fleet requires. Predictive maintenance, real-time fleet tracking and tracking driving behaviour- all through a web/ mobile app for automotive and logistics businesses.

Delivery Management Solution

Delivery Management Solution

Let’s Nurture delivery management solution helps you streamline delivery processes and automate workflow. Our tailored solution offers unique features that help improve operations in delivering cargo to distant places. We are specialized in offering white label, custom and robust supply chain management solutions to ensure smooth delivery operations for automotive & logistic businesses.


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Businesses We Have Served With Our Logistics Solutions:

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Why choose us to transform your Automotive and Logistics business ?

  • 10+ years of experience in custom web/ mobile application development
  • Development centers in USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Australia and India for custom automotive & logistics development services
  • 5+ projects delivered on Automotive & Logistics mobility solutions successfully in 2018
  • AWS partner network
  • We have been NDIA500 Quality Awards Nominee: Top most promising IT company 2018 and it defines our domain expertise and insight
  • Faster and scalable automotive & logistics applications with unparalleled web/ mobile development
  • Associated with multiple vendors and suppliers for hardware manufacturing and support
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified automotive & logistics software applications development company
  • Global client base in 35+ countries
  • Clutch awarded us as Leaders in Australia and Canada for Mobile and Web development services which make us renowned for our dedicated services and scalability within our peer community
  • 100+ in-house employees at our Offshore Development Centers (ODC) for emergency support and quick response
  • Google Certified Partner
  • We have won best IoT Project 2018 Award which defines our End-to-end Product Design & Engineering capabilities
  • Agile methodology that ensures timely project completion on automotive & logistics app development
  • We have dedicated team of Web, Android, iOS & Cross platform developers for automotive & logistics app development, maintenance & support
  • Adherence to coding and business standards with timely and quality deliverables


How much savings is expected through a logistics mobility solution?

The cost that logistics businesses can save through our custom developed mobility solution can be from 10 to 30 percent. It again depends on case-to-case basis to increase the cost savings beyond this range.

Once the system is developed, how long will it take for the software application to be implemented in my business?

Normally, the software application implementation process takes 30-45 days with supportable cost savings seen in additional 15 days. We aim and ensure not to disrupt your basic and core operations during the implementation process.

Can features and services of the automotive and logistic solutions be cherry picked?

Of course. As we said that we are specialized in providing custom and end-to-end automotive & logistics mobility solutions. Our industry experts will study your entire business and requirements and later provide tailor-made solution wireframes and features checklists which will fit into your system as per your business needs.

I am concerned about data security & privacy. How secure are the servers and data?

Being the pioneers in IT services industry for 10+ years, we are using cloud based servers with the top hosting companies like AWS, Rackspace, etc. These servers are highly secured and supremely reliable with almost Zero downtime and provides premium services.

How would we go about doing an initial consultation and full analysis of our supply chain services?

We are happy to tell you that we charge “Absolutely Nothing” for initial consultation, where our industry experts and developers will get in touch with you and perform analysis to review your shipping and distribution spend and profile.

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