AWS (Amazon Web Service Development) Setup & Development

The Cloud Computing has replaced the requirement for large Data Centres and IT Infrastructures to manage the Data requirements. But another huge implementation it has brought forward is Mobility of the Data. As a user, you no longer require to be within the physical proximity of the Server to access the Data. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is another such Cloud based Framework to store your Data in the Cloud.

AWS is regarded as one of the most secure and reliable platform amongst various Cloud Services available. So, while you are developing a Mobile Application for various platforms, AWS provides cost effective and stable hosting services to manage your requirements for large user data. While you can opt for ‘Pay As You Go option’, AWS can be highly effective and scalable to meet custom Business requirements.

Modules of AWS for the IT Infrastructure:

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2):

  • For Linux/UNIX and Windows Server instances (Virtualization)
  • Offers resizable compute capacity in the Cloud
  • Eliminates the requirement to invest in Data Centre setup upfront

Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS):

  • Provides Block Level storage to be used with EC2 instances
  • Off-instance storage

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3):

  • Storage for the Internet
  • Makes any amount of Data – Available at any time – anywhere from the Web
  • Highly Secure, Reliable and Flexible

Setting up and Development:

At Lets Nurture, we provide custom business solutions and practice cutting edge IT business implementations. Our comprehensive and consultative approach has benefited a number of our Clients for their Mobile Application Development Projects – to be economical and highly scalable. Our technical experts will guide you on which AWS Module you must opt for based on detailed understanding of your Business requirements and Budget.

Our team of engineers will ensure integration of the Web Services to your Mobile Application and the Website. Moreover, if you already have AWS setup as your Web backend and need a reliable technology partner for AWS Support. That is to handle the critical user data and sensitive user information – our Non-Disclosure Agreement will protect your intellectual property rights. If you wish to explore more information about what are the other Web backend Cloud Computing options we have worked on, read more about Parse.

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