Data is the heart of any business. And to fetch the right data at the right time quickly, is most essential. For eg., you subscribe to the provider’s RSS feed or via email subscription to get the updates or news directly. Feeds and XML makes data sharing very easy. But what about data that is unstructured or does not have RSS feeds for you to consume?

This is where Web Crawling medium like Apache Nutch is beneficial.

Apache Nutch is an extensible and scalable open source web crawler based on Apache Hadoop. A Search Engine Crawler or a Web Crawler is a program that most search engines use to find what’s new on the Internet. Nutch is coded in Java programming language, but the data is written in language-independent formats.
Benefits of using Nutch Web Crawler

Highly scalable and relatively feature rich crawler

It operates by batches. The various aspects of web crawling is implemented separately like generating a list of URLs to fetch, parse the web pages, and update its data structures.

Robust and scalable

Fetching and parsing are done separately by default which reduces the risk of an error corrupting the fetch parse stage. It has a highly modular architecture, allowing developers to create plug-ins for media-type parsing, data retrieval, querying and clustering.


Nutch can be run on a single machine and also on a distributed environment with Apache Hadoop.

Automatic discovery of URLs and broken links

Nutch enables the users to find page hyperlinks, and find broken links in an automated way. The users can also create a copy of all the pages visited for searching.

LetsNurture’s Nutch development services

Nutch Configuration

Configuring on distributed environment
Integration of cassandra, hbase and MongoDB
ElasticSearch and solr integration
Configuring filters and parsers
Thread size configuration
Configuring robot.txt parameters
Integration of OPIC algorithm for scoring purpose
Timely installing and upgrading to latest versions for monitoring jobs
Integration with different databases using ORM model

Nutch Customisation

Creating customized parser
Creating customized filter
Creating Nutch Plugin
Parsing images
Indexing images
Customizing Nutch workflow
Developing customized scripts for running nutch jobs

Reach to us for custom Nutch development Services

LetsNurture has in-house skilled and experienced Java team of developers to develop highly robust Nutch web crawler. You can hire dedicated developers from LetsNurture for custom Nutch development services. You can request a free quote from us.

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