Browsers like Chrome and Mozilla are aggressively restricting or disabling Adobe Flash Player.

With devices and platforms evolving and proliferating at a lightning speed, it has become ever more challenging to develop content that is expressive and animated and holds the potential to reach out to the most extensive audience possible.

Reasons to migrate to HTML5

With features like semantic enrichment, native support for rich media and compatibility with all major browsers & operating systems, HTML5 makes it easier for users to access websites, apps and games on the go. So, if your eLearning material, interactives, animations, simulations, websites, audio and video content, etc., is based on Flash, it’s time to upgrade. Offering end-to-end Flash to HTML5 conversion services, SunTec Digital can make the transition smoother and help you reach users on smartphones, tablets and eReaders, where Flash is not supported.

With HTML5, multimedia content plays instantly, no plugin needed.

Flash’s plugins open a user to potential security risks and vulnerabilities.

Chrome and Firefox block Flash content while HTML5 is accessible to all.

HTML5 offers live streaming of video and a number of new exciting features.

LetsNurture’s Capabilities in HTML5

  • HTML5 development service with support of JavaScript for interactivities and CSS3 for layouts.
  • Converting ActionScript2 and ActionScript3 systematically into editable HTML5 and JavaScript code.
  • Using custom authoring tools like Adobe Captivate, Swiffy, Articulate Storyline, FlexJS, Lectora Inspire, etc., in accordance with the requirements of the conversion project.
  • Providing eLearning modules or tutorials. Complying to SCORM and AICC for eLearning content development
  • Repurposing of multimedia content together with seamless localization through XML export/import

Expert F2H Migration Services

Several of your learning assets built on Flash during the last decade – could be idly sitting inside LMSs and organizational knowledge management systems. To a large extent, these can still be useful learning resources, provided they can meet the learners at their new, mobile juncture. This is where LetsNurture can help you migrate to mLearning.

The developers at LetsNurutre has mastered HTML5 development. We have expertise in the art of converting applications and websites from Flash to HTML5. Through our experience, we have learned how to make the HTML5 development service as seamless as possible.

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