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Hyperledger smart contract

When It comes to blockchain development for enterprises which need more privacy and security, the hyper ledger is the recommended solution. It provides private blockchain for Enterprises and businesses. Smart contract development on hyper ledger covers many sectors, whether these are designed for financial industries, healthcare, supply chain or retail sectors. Our certified smart contract developers can analyze your requirements and come up with the best solution that brings decentralization and transparency to your business process.

Ethereum Smart contracts

Ethereum Smart contracts:

Ethereum Smart contracts are generally implemented in any business model to make it highly secure and boost efficiency with the help of automated operations. Our smart contract developers are able to make it possible for you to have a full-fledged automated business contract process with Ethereum smart contracts. Our team has a handful of experience in development of Ethereum contracts such as ERC-20 Tokens, ERC-721 tokens, Stable coins, Escrow, Token redemption and Wallet transactions.

EOS smart contract

EOS smart contract:

EOS being one of the most scalable platforms amazes people with errorless transactions in just a fraction of seconds. EOS smart contracts are usually required to perform "executable actions" which can run operations that are contract specific and subject to the authorities of a particular account calling that action. Being one of the leading smart contract development company we believe in converting ideas into scalable and robust application.

Use cases of smart contract on businesses

Real estate

Real estate

Use of smart contracts in real estate eliminates the need and dependency of trusted third parties for real estate operations. It benefits all operations of real estate from property ownership to leasing transactions. Use of blockchain in real estate technology will pioneer a whole new perspective to invest for investors. With the rise of a new era of investment, any decentralized platform can offer Investors to invest from all over the world using cryptocurrencies, which will also generate profits by cryptocurrencies like Ether and bitcoin.

  • Agent neutrality in signing deals.
  • Time saving: Excludes human intervention in transaction processing.
  • Safety: Data in the decentralized registry cannot be lost or cyber attacked.
  • Precision: Accurate ledger entry owing to absence of manual submission.
Smart contracts in Logistics

Smart contracts in Logistics

Smart contracts make it possible for transport and logistic business to keep track of their receivables, in a simplified manner from manufacturer to the respective stores. It helps in the simplification of the tracking process and provides real-time visibility across the overall supply chain.

Below are some advantages of implementation of smart contract in the logistics domain

  • Process Automation
  • Detailed tracking
  • Robust and security
  • Easy collaborations
  • Authenticity control
  • End to end transaction confidentiality
Smart contract in the financial industry

Smart contract in the financial industry

Smart contracts make it possible to digitally trade and settle outstanding bills/loans faster, thereby helping corporate clients through shorter settlement cycles. The mortgage loan industry can benefit remarkably by adopting smart contracts. Using this technology can improve data security as well as lower the risk for investors.

Below are some advantages of implementation of smart contract in the financial domain:

  • Automated KYC Platforms
  • Mortgage Lending
  • Loans and crowdfunding for small businesses
  • Bond issuance
  • Automated claim settlements
Smart contract in Healthcare

Smart contracts in Healthcare

Smart contracts in the healthcare sector can be used to manage personal healthcare reports, sharing of confidential data between hospitals and healthcare centres. It can include test results, vaccine formulas, regulatory compliances, supervising drugs and the whole healthcare supply management.

Below are some advantages of implementation of smart contract in Healthcare domain

  • Medical data sharing
  • Clinical Trials
  • Rapid R&D
  • Health Device tracking
  • Smooth payment transactions
  • Ease in drug traceability

Why Does Any Business Need smart contract technology in its operations?

In this new era of technology - Automation, Decentralization, transparency and security is the key for any business sector. Smart contracts have all it takes to implement the above mentioned key points in any businesses. Smart contract development promises to achieve notable efficiency, security, transparency, and cost savings in business operations.



With the use of decentralization and transparency in operations and transactions, smart contracts promise the business community and customers that all the business operations are reliable and verified by all.



As Smart contracts are self-executed programs, it provides automation in every possible way for any business sector. Automated operations can eliminate individual processing and human-caused error. So apparently, it reduces risks and costs.



Smart contact-based automated operations get rid of human error by keeping a record of all transactions/operations. Also, it simplifies the process of retrieval and backs up by storing and duplicating all related documents and transactions in a decentralized manner.

Why choose Let’s Nurture for Smart contract development?

Let’s Nurture is an ISO 9001:2015 affirmed site improvement organization in India, USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and Singapore. We have been offering Smart contract development services for over 3+ years. We have a separate team of certified smart contract developers, with experience in working for 10+ Diverse industry projects. If you want to know more about Blockchain Development. Get in touch with us. Reach us at would be glad to stroll with you.

Frequently Asked Questions :)

Do smart contracts need Blockchain?

Yes a Blockchain distributed ledger is required to implement smart contracts. A smart contract is a self-enforcing agreement embedded in computer code managed by a blockchain. The code contains a set of rules under which the parties of that smart contract agree to interact with each other. If and when the predefined rules are met, the agreement is automatically enforced.

How is a smart contract beneficial to my business?

A smart contract can facilitate the numerous touch points in a contract process, verify, and then enforce them. And since every process can be mapped, this means that any process a human can do, a smart contract can do just as well, if not faster, and much more efficiently.

Will I get a team available in my time for discussions?

Yes, of course. You will be given the contact details of a point-of-contact person for your project and you can schedule calls or meetings with them as per your convenience.

Do you build web applications too?

Yes, in fact nearly every mobile app that we build also needs a web-based application behind the scenes to drive it. Ever logged into an app? There is a web server in the background, serving the app with data that is checking whether you have permission to log in, or not.

Will I own the source code?

Yes, you will be assigned appropriate copyright or license rights for the bespoke code that we write for your project. We are transparent with intellectual property rights, and you will have the opportunity to review our code ownership terms before the project begins.


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