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Looking for experienced app developers From Canada,USA, Brasil, LATAM or From India?. Our dedicated app developers have the experience to deliver 300+ app solutions worldwide. Hire mobile application developers from Lets Nurture to build scalable app solutions

  • On-time Project Delivery
  • NDA to Protect Your Idea
  • Scalable and Clean Code
  • Flexible Hiring Models
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Source-code Control

Hire Raspberry Developers

Hire Raspberry developers (part-time or full-time) who are masters in working with Robotics and automation, Custom software development,Game development,Electronics and hardware integration to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions that can help your business grow and succeed.

Raspberry Development Company

Let's Nurture is a software development company that offers Raspberry Pi development services. The company has a team of skilled developers who are experts in developing custom software and hardware solutions using the Raspberry Pi platform. Let's Nurture provides end-to-end solutions that include concept design, hardware integration, software development, and testing.

Let's Nurture has experience in developing solutions for various industries such as healthcare, home automation, industrial automation, and education. The company can develop custom solutions that meet specific business requirements and can integrate various sensors and devices to create innovative solutions.

Engagement Models to Hire Dedicated Raspberry Developers

Let's Nurture is a top Raspberry development company that has offices in multiple countries including the USA, Canada, UK, and Singapore. The company has a team of skilled developers who specialize in Raspberry Pi development and provide end-to-end solutions for various applications.

HighLights Hourly Part Time Full Time Dedicated
Resource effort 4 hours/day 4 hours/day 8 hours/day
Resource allocation Shared Shared/Dedicated Dedicated
Support Chat/Email/VoIP Chat/ Email, VoIP Chat, Email, VoIP
Working Days 5 days/week 5 days/week 5 days/week
Min. Hiring Term 40 hours/month 80 hours/month 160 hours/month
Billing Cycle Weekly advance Bi-Weekly advance Monthly advance
Reporting Upon completion Daily/Weekly Daily

Let’s Nurture also offers staff augmentation services which allows our clients much needed flexibility to hire dedicated Raspberry developers while having control over the Raspberry development project cycle. Our flexible engagement models also allow us to communicate efficiently with our clients and deliver the end-to-end Raspberry web and mobile app solutions in the best way possible.

Engagement Model

Onsite Staffing

Onsite Staffing

Onsite staffing services for dedicated Raspberry developers to clients and companies within the same geographical border to fill gaps in the development cycle by frequent onsite visits or full-time presence at your place.

Nearshore Staffing

Nearshore Staffing

We offer staffing services for dedicated Raspberry programmers in countries like US, Canada, India, Singapore, and the Middle East for regular review meetings, system deployment or ongoing IT project development.

Offshore Staffing

Offshore Staffing

Hire and employ Raspberry developers to bring them at our offshore development center (ODC). We have a client-oriented process in which our project managers will keep you in loop in all communication channels with timely reporting.

Raspberry Development Services

Raspberry Pi is a popular single-board computer that is used for a wide range of applications. If you are looking for Raspberry Pi development services, there are many companies and freelance developers that can provide you with the necessary expertise.. The range of Raspberry development services provided by Let’s Nurture is shown below.

Raspberry Pi hardware design and prototyping

Custom software development for Raspberry Pi

Integration with other hardware and software systems

IoT application development

Remote device management and monitoring

Raspberry Pi consulting and training

Technologies we are working with

Why choose Let’s Nurture to Hire Dedicated Raspberry Developers?

Hire our senior Raspberry developers and rest back easy as they are proficient in delivering powerful desktop/ mobile applications. The tools they use are Beautiful soup, Asyncio, South, Celery, Sqlalchemy, Factory boy, PyQt, Virtualenv. Our Raspberry experts have full-fledged experience in working with frameworks like Django, Flask, Zope

Technical Expertise

Our Raspberry developers have abundant experience in working with the latest tools, technologies and frameworks while keeping themselves updated to deliver quality Raspberry based applications.

Free Expert Consultation

Our Raspberry experts provide FREE consultation to understand and deliver thoughts before development cycle starts. This is to ensure to deliver right app solutions as per client needs.

Hire Team of YOUR Choice

No Raspberry developer would be assigned without your prior approval. Our flexible engagement models will give you authority to get new apps developed in less time with quick team scaling.

NDA & Security

We adhere to strict NC/ NDAs for all client projects. Our systems are enabled with advanced security parameters with CCTV surveillance to secure information of your Raspberry development project.

Source Code Ownership

IP ownership of the entire project remains with you from the day we start the engagement. Our contracts lay this out specifically to assuage concerns regarding eventual ownership.

Reporting & Communication

We provide reporting on daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly basis and update progress report on shared account on platforms like Zoho, JIRA, Slack with emails, Skype and UberConference.

QA Testing

We conduct Extensive QA rounds to address all aspects of system performance Vis-à-vis.

Maintenance & Support

Once the project is delivered, we provide free technical support up to 3 months. We adopt on all the communication forums for staying connected through emails and Skype.

End-to-end Services

We provide end-to-end Raspberry development services regarding consulting, strategic development and UI/UX design, Raspberry testing, delivery and deployment.

Wish to hire Raspberry Developers to build dynamic front-end and back-end applications?

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Frequently Asked Questions :)

What is Raspberry Pi development?

Raspberry Pi development involves creating software or hardware solutions that run on the Raspberry Pi platform. This can involve developing custom software applications, building custom hardware systems, or integrating the Raspberry Pi into existing systems.

What are the benefits of using Raspberry Pi for development projects?

The Raspberry Pi is a low-cost, credit card-sized computer that is designed to be easy to use and highly customizable. It is widely used for prototyping and proof-of-concept development projects and has a large community of developers and enthusiasts who contribute to its ecosystem. Additionally, the Raspberry Pi supports a wide range of programming languages and hardware interfaces, making it a versatile platform for development projects.

What types of Raspberry Pi development services are available?

Raspberry Pi development services can include hardware design and prototyping, custom software development, integration with other hardware and software systems, IoT application development, remote device management and monitoring, and consulting and training services.

How do I choose a Raspberry Pi development service provider?

When selecting a Raspberry Pi development service provider, it is important to look for a company or individual with experience in your particular area of interest. Additionally, you should consider their level of expertise, their communication skills, and their ability to meet your specific requirements within your budget. Checking reviews and testimonials from previous clients can also be helpful in making a decision.

How much does Raspberry Pi development cost?

The cost of Raspberry Pi development services can vary widely depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Factors that can affect the cost include the level of expertise required, the amount of development time needed, the complexity of the hardware or software solution, and any additional hardware or software components required for the project. It is important to get a clear understanding of the costs involved before starting any development project.s

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