Amazon already has a handful of branded devices on the market, including Kindle Fire TV and the Fire TV. Amazon Fire OS is an Android-based mobile operating system produced by Amazon for its Fire phone & Kindle Fire range of tablets and other devices like Fire TV. Fire OS App development is the next trend in app development.

List of Fire OS Devices:

  • Fire Phone
  • Amazon Fire TV
    • Fire TV Stick
  • Kindle Fire
    • Fire HD
    • Fire HDX

With the help of Android open source platform by sharing many of its APIs and kernels, Fire OS can run most of the Android applications with the little amount of modification or even without any modification.

Fire OS is compatible with Android and HTML5, claiming that 75% of Android tablets will run on Fire OS with no additional development work. Like most of the smartphone platforms, it too has a dedicated app store known as “Amazon Appstore for Android”. Thus, porting an existing Android app to Kindle Fire is a wise decision for both, business and developer’s point of view.

Benefits of Fire OS Services and APIs:

  • Engage: Integrating with Amazon’s APIs lets you improve player experience and retention. You can easily implement cross-platform achievements, leaderboards, and saved game syncing on your iOS, Android, and Fire tablet apps.
  • Build: It offers rich and immersive app experiences to delight your users. With Amazon Fling SDK, you can build rich multi-screen experiences with Amazon Fire TV. The Amazon Drive API and SDKs for Android and iOS enable you to personalize your utility, content creation, photo editing, or print app by providing direct access to your users’ Amazon Drive content.
  • Test: From drag-and-drop submission testing to simulated devices, get the tools you need to build apps and games better and faster. You can test your app for compatibility before submitting it to the Amazon Appstore using our App Testing Service and quickly distribute your app on the Amazon Appstore to a predefined set of testers using Live App Testing.

Build your Fire OS App with LetsNurture

Launched in March 2011, Amazon Appstore is now available in 200+ countries and hosts 240,000 applications.For enhancing accessibility, Amazon App store offers a feature called “Test Drive”, allowing users to try an application in their web browser by launching a virtual copy of Android in the Amazon EC2 cloud for half an hour, a unique feature not many app stores offer.

According to an IDC study, 74% of the developers said that Average Revenue per App/User on the Amazon Appstore is the same or better than other platforms.

As a part of providing Mobile and Web application development, LetsNurture offers Kindle Fire OS development services for developing custom apps for Fire OS. We have in-house team expertise in various technologies of Mobile, web, and IoT and are highly skilled &  motivated developers having a rich experience in developing an app for this platform.

So if you have any inquiry regarding Fire OS app or want to develop your own customized app, then please get in touch with one of our Business Consultants and share your requirements today itself. You can also send us an email to Or call us on +91-9374444800 and we will get back to you with detailed specifications for your requirements.

You can also view our portfolio and get your customized Fire OS app developed by us.


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