More and more mobile apps are being stormed into the marketplaces of the apps for Android, iOS and Windows. And with more of these apps being launched, the growing concern for app producers is: App Marketing Services. The primary objective of LetsNurture is not just to develop a mobile app for you but also to ensure that you get quick ROI for the app.

When each and every category is loaded with hundreds of different application it is very critical to have an app store optimisation for your app. After putting hours of work ensuring extensive functionality to your app, you require to reach the customers and create a buzz around to make profits. Below is the strategic approach to ensure your app is successful (And the app marketing begins before the launch):

Build Personal Online Presence through App Marketing Services:

Create social media pages using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others as soon as you being development of your App. Use genuinely good content that talks about problems users face that your app can solve. Do not share the solution but talk about challenges in the current scenario before your app. And promote your app with a launch date as a solution to it. Simultaneously through cross marketing activities, increase followers to your page.

Why not ask the audience about what they think about your idea?

It is your idea and you certainly think it is great. But are you sure that there is market available to a new app in the same domain? And believe us – you will eventually be in that odd moment when you might start getting sceptical about your own idea. Use market research tools to find out the demand in the market for app marketing services. Having a clear view on scope of revenue and number of downloads will give you realistic projections.

Once you have the clarity on the same, you would know what level of competition you are facing for the purpose of app marketing services. And what your competitors are doing. Using these vital details, you can integrate some unique features – that gives you an edge over the existing apps.

Know how you are going to make money:

Unless you are building an application as hobby or looking forward to cross sell other apps / products –for app marketing, you need a clear strategy that defines your revenue model. It could be with the help of having a free or a paid app, in-app purchases, ads, subscriptions, selling a service or a product. Or it could also be a combination of these.

The Price Of the Application:

Not so different from the above point. The market share and the competition will help you to identify whether you should sell your app for free or it should be a paid app. To know your target audience, the marketplace of your app is launched and the price of the competitive apps define the price of your app.

App Marketing Factors

UX Of the Application:

User experience plays a big role in App marketing. The app must be easy to use from the initial few seconds. Take feedback from industry experts using mock-ups could be another way to re-assure the same before the app is launched.

Design Of the Application:

The design must be aesthetic and soothing as per the concept and function of the app. The design of the app is one of the most essential features to invest in.

Attention to Details in the Application:

You should also focus on those minor elements that create magical experience to your customers using the sound and how things move.

User Retention:

The primary idea is to get the users to download your app. But that’s not the whole picture. You need to  make users addictive to keep using it. This is where you need conceptual excellence. And the user experience is the only thing that makes the users addictive to your app.

Building the Online Presence of the App:

For app marketing services, you can’t just rely on the App store page to market your app. You need app store optimisation for your app on search engines. You must pour in online content i.e. blogs, media reports and social media shares of your users’ comments. And that should build an online community around your app. This can easily be achieved either through a website or a blog site and social media integration.

App Analytic

Having a Proper Analytic tool integrated will play big role in decision making. App store itself provides basic analysis. But tools like App Annie, Mixpanel are very important to track & protect growth of your application, such tools will only enhance the ways for app marketing.
And there are many other activities that can be done, such as:

  • Email Marketing
  • App Store Affiliation
  • Twitter Promos and Contests, Facebook, Google+ and other Social Media
  • Users Feedback
  • Paid Reviews
  • Don’t just share the app, share the origin of the idea and the story
  • Marketing the App video

At Lets Nurture, we provide customised services to deliver successful apps on the marketplace . In order to know more about our app marketing services, send us an email to

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