The Problems Chatbots Solve - Why Use One?

While every business has many sucesses, when repeated in almost the same manner, these individual successes can be refined to provide greater services, products, and goods. For instance, a customer may receive exactly what they wanted, but at a slower rate or at a higher price than expected. While the customer may be happy in the end, small grievances can still signififcantly reduce the quality of the experience. Many situations like this can occur as a direct result of lack of labour, delayed access to information, slow service speeds, or inaccurate service

Custom Chatbots Offer Major Solutions to Common Issues

A chatbot can automate a lot of tasks that create issues in your business, giving you more efficient and effective solutions for...

conversational commerce opportunities

Conversational commerce opportunities

Chatbots help to provide an additional sales channel through efficient conversational conversion of non-prospects into prospects and prospects into customers.

Providing quick access to order status

Providing quick access to order status

With the help of customised chatbot, we can provide a personalized experience while answering standard questions asked by current customers.

Recommending products for purchase

Recommending products for purchase

Chatbots help analyze customer behavior and recommend products for purchase, creating a completely personal experience for each visitor.

Augmenting your supply chain

Augmenting your supply chain

Customized chatbots help in augmenting the supply chain while providing quick access to order statuses.

Pushing relevant news to Customers

Pushing relevant news to Customers

You can push news content to customers based on their preferences, and predict content delivery accordingly.

Analysing trends in Customer base

Analysing trends in Customer base

Chatbots help with understanding trends within the customer base and with providing superior services to them.

Capturing data for Analytics

Capturing data for Analytics

Customized chatbots help in understanding consumer and employee behavior by leveraging the high amounts of collectible data.

Cutting down on attrition & providing support to workforce

Providing support to Workforce

Chatbots help support your workforce by providing instant query resolution through bots, managing polls, accurately managing expectations, and cutting drop offs/attrition.

Providing superior service to customers

Providing Superior Service to Customers

Chatbots help in understanding customers’ behaviour and providing superior services to them, with runtime machine learning.

What Makes Us the Right Choice & What Our Process Looks Like

We are a leading chatbot development company with over two years of combined experience in customized chatbot app design, conversation design, natural language processing, execution and testing, as well as cloud and on-premise development. Our innovative projects and applications over the years have allowed us to offer chatbot development for a large number of industries, including travel, entertainment, beauty, social networking, finance, food, and more. Our creative team has a deep understanding of app design, ensuring that you receive a highly functional chatbot design that serves your business and your customers. Here is what our process looks like:

We Begin With Your Idea

We Begin with Your Idea

If you have a business or brand that could benefit from a chatbot, we want to hear about it.

We Provide a Business Analysis

We Provide a Business Analysis

We take your idea and draw up a business analysis of how it will benefit your business.

We Assign a Project Manager

We Assign a Project Manager

We assign a team lead to manage your project and help in running your business smoothly.

We Develop the UX/UI Design

We Develop the UX/UI Design

With an idea and a business analysis in place, we begin developing the UX and UI design for your custom chatbot.

Jump into Development

Jump into Development

With a UI developed, we can jump immediately into the development process.

Commit to A Rigorous Test Phase

Commit to a Rigorous Test Phase

Our rigorous testing phase ensures the chatbot delivers your most needed functions.

Deliver Final Build

Deliver the Final Build

Once we are happy with the bot’s test results, we deliver the final build to customers.

Launch Your Project / Integrate It

Launch Your Project / Integrate It

If you are happy with the final product and it does not need any changes, then we go ahead and launch it.

Get Client Reviews

Get Client Reviews

Client reviews are extremely important to us, so we want to hear all about them!

Provide Post Delivery Support

Provide Post Delivery Support

We provide post-delivery support to you, ensuring our chatbot continues to serve you well after final delivery.

What features do we offer to our clients?

We can build intent-based or conversation-based chatbots

We can build intent-based or conversation-based chatbots

We offer multilingual language support

We offer multilingual language support

chatbot with multiple existing messaging platforms

We can integrate the chatbot with multiple existing messaging platforms

Different themes so your chatbot matches your brand's colouring

We can provide different themes, letting you match the chatbot to your brand's coloring.

We offer multiple chatbots builds and support

We offer multiple chatbot builds and support for each of them

Our chatbots are responsive in their text, voice, and image support

Our chatbots are responsive in their text, voice, and image support

Our chatbots use leading natural language processing and machine learning techniques.

Our chatbots use leading natural language processing and machine learning techniques.

multi-platform support

We offer multi-platform support.

Industries that Benefit from Custom Chatbot Development

Many industries greatly benefit from having a custom chatbot integrated into their services. Chatbots can increase customer convenience, add revenue streams, and decrease overhead costs.

Food & Beverage Establishments

Custom chatbot development opens up new ordering options for customers through channels including Amazon Echo, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Smart Televisions, and wearable devices. For instance, Domino's allows you to quickly send a pizza emoji through their social media chatbots to place an order. Other food and beverage establishments that have taken advantage of chatbots include Pizza Hut, Wingstop, and Whole Foods.


Health & Insurance Services

In the health and insurance industries, chatbot development goes a long way to make healthcare services and professionals accessible for those who may not have access to a doctor’s office, hospital, or clinic. A custom chatbot can make contacting professionals about your symptoms as easy as ordering a pizza. Custom chatbots can also be used to answer routine healthcare questions and provide an easy way to order or claim on insurance policies.


Media & Publishing Houses

With so many outlets of media available to us on a daily basis, it is hard to keep up with the latest news. One way of getting around this is by using a custom chatbot to have all of the news delivered through one platform such as a Facebook Messenger chat. Not only does this cut down on the time it takes you to find all of the news you want to read, but it delivers it to you in one easy-to-access place. Common examples of this include the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and TechCrunch.


Real Estate & Finance Branches

One of the fears that homebuyers have when jumping into the real estate market is whether or not their real estate agent really has their best interests at heart. You can get around this with Trulia’s neutral chatbot, which summarizes qualifying properties based on your given needs. In the finance industry, chatbot development can be used for financial advising, stock market updates, and bill payments.


Consumer Goods & Beauty Lines

In the consumer goods industry, custom chatbot development is used to create bots for consumers to book makeovers, find local breweries, and get personalized recommendations for liquor and cosmetic tutorials. Companies which have taken advantage of custom chatbot development in this area include Johnnie Walker, Sephora, and Campbells.


Travel & Entertainment Venues

Finding that perfect flight and hotel accommodation can be a nightmare, but using a chatbot to insert your parameters and get the perfect result can make it much easier. Chatbots can provide consumers with a list of the best options that fit their preferences. Entertainment venues and companies, on the other hand, utilize chatbots to advertise their latest movies, games, and product lines (Marvel, Blizzard, Kayak).


Fashion & Automotive Shops

Consumers who want custom-tailored recommendations on high-class fashion items from luxury clothing brands like Vogue, Burberry, and Tommy Hilfiger can use custom chatbots. This also applies to the automotive industry, where brands like Kia Motors have a chatbot that allows you to test drive and learn about new models.


Weather & Sports Networks

Checking the weather is as easy as asking your voice-activated chatbot to give the forecast. It is just as easy for customers who want to know what last night’s game score was. Yahoo Weather and Hi Poncho are great examples of this.


Discovery & Retail Commerce

In eCommerce, hooking up a custom chatbot with a Shopify store leads to a fantastic and seamless shopping experience. Custom chatbots can even aid research by directing you to other specialized chatbots.


Flights & Airports

In the flight and airport industry, custom chatbots like the FlightBot have allowed customers to search for information on flight delays and restaurants at major airports.


Why choose Let's Nurture for Customised Chatbot development?

Here at Let’s Nurture, we are a trusted, well-known chatbot development team that works with small and large-scale businesses to develop compelling, engaging, and solution-driven chatbots. We don’t believe in providing just the services and solutions, but in building trust-based relationships for our services. So, if you are having any challenging projects related to custom chatbot development that no one else is able to take up, you can always contact Let's Nurture! Your suggestions and queries are always welcome!

  • 10+ years of experience in providing IT solutions globally
  • Operations in USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Australia, Kuwait and India for chatbot development services
  • 2510+ projects delivered successfully
  • Clutch awarded us as 2018 Leaders in Australia and Canada for Web/Mobile app development services
  • AWS partner network
  • NDIA500 Quality Awards Nominee: Top most promising IT company 2018
  • Dedicated team for chatbot development with maintenance & support
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified chatbot development company
  • Global client base in 35+ countries
  • 100+ in-house employees at our Offshore Development Center (ODC) in Ahmedabad, India
  • Google Certified Partner
  • Best IoT Project 2018 Award winners
  • Agile methodology that ensures timely project completion for chatbot development
  • Adherence to coding and business standards with timely and quality deliverables

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to ensure that my ideas and other data remain confidential. What is your process for that?

We sign a nondisclosure agreement with all our clients to ensure protection and privacy of sensitive data.

Can I hire dedicated Rasa developers?

We offer various flexible hiring models for all our clients. You can hire dedicated Rasa Core developers for your project or you can opt for hourly, monthly or yearly models. We’ll suggest a suitable hiring model once we know the scope of your project.

Do you follow coding standards? Which frameworks do you use?

Yes, our team of expert Rasa programmers follow standard coding rules and ensure that they are always up-to-date with all the latest technologies and trends in the community. As a leading conversational AI chatbot development company, we utilize all the features and functionalities of Rasa to develop the best AI chatbot for your business.

Can I contact you in my time zone?

Yes, of course. You will be given the contact details of a point-of-contact person for your project and you can schedule calls or meetings with them as per your comfortability.

How does conversational AI chatbot help my business more than customer service executives?

Messaging is becoming the preferred medium of conversation for many people. Owing to this, your business needs to catch up so that your connection with your customers does not break. With Rasa AI chatbots, it becomes easy for you to answer queries, sell new products, and more on messaging channels that are used by your customers on a regular basis.

Will there be any limit on the number of queries that the chatbot can handle in one day or at a time?

Not at all. The AI chatbot will be able to handle multiple enquiries at the same time and there will be no limit on the number of queries per day.

Will I get any support post-launch?

Yes, after integrating your AI chatbot into your system, our developers will assist you for 3 months (without any extra charges).

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