Accessible Website with Disable Friendly Design

Even for the most capable and tech savvy users, navigating a website sometimes is not easy. So imagine how tough it gets for the people who are disabled due to various reasons. Skipping the idea of an accessible website with disable friendly design can actually turn to be a poor commercial decision. Because it is not only open to the disabled people but also compelling and easy to navigate for the normal users. According to the UK government facts and figures, there are approx. 11 million people with a limiting or long term illness, impairment or disability.

Importance of Accessible Website with Disable Friendly Design

Accessibility to a disable friendly design includes helping various kind of people you may not have considered while building a website. Accessible website with disable friendly design certainly broadens a section of society to access the internet and receive information and services. It’s important for us to recognize that people with disabilities use and view a website differently than people without disabilities. It’s equally as important for us to recognize that disabilities come in all shapes and sizes and affect a multitude of people.

How LetsNurture can Help ?

Having read the need of a disabled friendly design for accessible websites above, you may want to know more about it before you go for it and get developed. The team of LetsNurture has the expertise to create such disable friendly designs for accessible websites for the disabled people.

What LetsNurture can offer for accessible website development for different types of disabilities

We have experienced in-house developers to take care of all your concerns and they will take complete care of the design.

  • For blind, partially sighted or colourblind people, we have the ability to use the ALT text (alternative text) for images. If it’s a picture of a person, write out the person’s name. If it’s an object, use a couple of words to describe it (for example, if it’s a photo of the pile of bricks, use the alt text “pile of bricks”). Text enlargement, Contrast, thick fonts and highlighting, text-to-speech options, color choices are some of the tweaks that are included while making a disable friendly design for people suffering from blindness or vision impairment.


  • For the people suffering from hearing loss, we have an understanding of the importance of providing “transcripts” of long videos and we ensure that all the videos are embedded with “closed captioning” within the website.


  • For the people suffering from Motor accessibility (difficulty in using a mouse) shall have an access to website with a disable friendly design which provides fully functional navigation feature through a keyboard. Coding your website in such a way that it can be navigated through a keyboard or a single switch device makes it special for the clients who are adapting to limited dexterity after an accident or illness. Enlargement of small clicking areas can be a good improvement too.

By using proper resources and tools, you can increase the accessibility of your website, and as a consequence, the users too.

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