Salon Appointment booking platform with AR


StyleKonnect saves you time and manage your salon appointments easier than ever. A booking platform with much more goodies for salons who want to provide value for their customers by ultimate mobile app experience and enhance business.

About StyleKonnect

StyleKonnect will help users to book any salon services from anywhere, any time. Whenever a user books an appointment for the selected service, salon owner will be notified and will confirmation upon having a look at in-app calendar where the staff can manage schedules. The coolest in-app feature is the Augmented Reality powered ‘Style my hair’ which allows users to virtually select the styles they want to try.

Salon Appointment booking platform with AR


This Salon appointment booking platform is developed on native Android and iOS platforms along with web admin dashboard. Users are prompt to select their locations using map integrations and then can register themselves. The mobile app dashboard will allow users to have details about the salon which will lead users to select the branches, services and make appointments by selecting available date and time slots. Users can also reschedule and cancel booked appointment. 3rd party API integration is also done for users to make payments using PayPal.

App Users (Customers)


  • Location Permission Access
  • User Authentication
  • Sign Up/ Login
  • Social Media Integration
  • Apple/ Google map integration
  • Salon Details
  • Select Services
  • Make Appointment
  • Virtual Hair Style Preview using AR
  • Booking Summary & history
  • Payment Process
  • Redeem Offers
  • Salon Gallery
  • Push notification

Admin App Users

  • Dashboard
  • Manage Salon Profile
  • Appointment Management Calendar
  • Appointment history
  • Manage customers and details
  • Manage Transactions
  • Manage offers/ discounts
  • Manage Notifications

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