Movie Pedia – Alexa Skill by Let’s Nurture
Voice enabled compendium of movies

Movie Pedia – Alexa Skill by Let’s Nurture

An amazing Alexa skill developed by Alexa skill developers at Let’s Nurture which is like a complete voice enabled guide and compendium of movies you name.


Let’s Nurture has developed an amazing Alexa Skill named ‘Moviepedia’ for movie maniacs. To use this alexa skill on your Amazon Alexa device, you only need to enable this skill on your Alexa App and Alexa will provide all information needed for the movie. Our Alexa skill development team used IDE of Amazon named Amazon developer console and AWS Lambda for Alexa skill development.



The user is required to ask Alexa to provide information about a movie and it will provide all the information of the asked movie name. For instance, if it is asked, “Alexa, ask Movie pedia for information about the iron man”


It will provide all information of movie iron man, like the name of Actor and Actress, the name of the director of iron man movie, movie release date and plot of the movie and same like the user can ask specific information like, “Alexa, ask Movie pedia for information about the actors of iron man”.

  • Dynamic content
  • Supports US English, UK English and AU English.

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