Social Sweepstake Mobile Application In Android / iOS

Technology : iPad,iPhones,Android Phones, Tablets
Operating System : Android, iOS
Project Duration : 6 Weeks
Category: Sweep Stakes
Project Details :

Social Sweep is a  fun app for playing virtual games with friends. So it gives users  an option to create a new game say for  e.g. basketball  and then invite friends to predict  the players and wins for  the game. Create and host Sweepstakes on the results of sporting events between your friends, family, teammates or co-workers. The Social Sweepstake app has all the major events like The Grand National, Football World Cup, NHL Playoffs, NASCAR, Formula 1, IPL Cricket, Rugby, NBA Playoffs and many more great sporting events preloaded ready for you to enjoy. Simply choose a sporting event then enter your friends, Social Sweepstake will randomly pick each friend a team then save all the details for you. Bonus: The app has “Tambola “ Feature to pick  lucky winners.

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