Like me with Thumbs Up
Social Networking Platform

Like me with Thumbs Up

Like Me With Thumbs Up is completely free iOS and Android platform where user can share their ideas and art with public and grow their artistic vision.

About LWM - Social platform for artists to showcase their skills

Like Me With Thumbs Up is a social platform where user can post anything which they like! User can post videos, photos and ideas to contribute to the community. Videos can be shared by uploading to YouTube or Vimeo. Like-minded artist can join the group which does make sense about community or the one can also create a new group. Contests for different categories will be held and the best artist in the community will be awarded with prize.

Social Networking Platform


Social platform which provides anyone a stage where the one can share his/her thoughts, creativity, talent, etc. helps artists to engrave their skills and give them chance to get featured as a Best Artist around the globe. Like Me With Thumbs Up allows to showcase work in many formats. The user can choose the best suitable format and can flow off their work in the community.

  • Free platform to showcase art/ skills
  • Group joining and creation
  • Meeting people with similar talent
  • Chat in a group or personally
  • Join contest and win prizes
  • Control over who can see your posts
  • Share LWM profile with friends
  • Invite friends to LWM

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