BLE/ iBeacon based virtual guided tour App


“How does one measure the success of a museum?” Well, the truth is that we can’t measure the success. Certainly, one can enhance the visitor experience and hence increase the footfalls leveraging cutting edge technologies. KonnectedArt, a BLE/ iBeacon based application developed by Let’s Nurture, brings you an even better experience to know the art, to live the art you’re around while in a museum.

About KonnectedArt

KonnectedArt is an innovative way to cater the next generation audience with technology and entertainment together. Once a visitor enters the museum with the app installed on their smartphones; near every famous artefact, a push notification is sent to the smartphone to enable the visitor to gain much more knowledge through audio and video guide. It also provides other facts related to the exhibit in the form of multimedia like pictures too. We can say that KonnectedArt is a docent for every visitor.

BLE/ iBeacon based virtual guided tour App


KonnectedArt, a Smart Museum solution, is developed on native Android and iOS platforms with a web admin dashboard. KonnectedArt is a piece of Hardware, size of which can vary based on range & battery size, but is usually like a small cube. It transmits BLE signals upto a range of 400 meters (effectively around 50 meters), which are received by the smartphone with an app and then actions are triggered accordingly. Physical web technology has also been used to send notifications to smartphones without KonnectedArt application installed, so that users can install the app by a single tap and avail all the features.

  • Splash Screen/ Dashboard
  • Art Category
  • Art Details
  • Photo Gallery
  • Browse by floors
  • Floor Details
  • Profile Management
  • Push notifications
  • Social Sharing
  • Ratings and Reviews

Web Admin:

  • Dashboard
  • Manage Categories
  • Manage Art Works
  • Manage Beacons
  • Customer Management
  • Account Management
  • Send notifications
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Manage offers/ discount

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