On Demand Moving Services Marketplace


With Bindle, an on demand mobile app developed by Let’s Nurture on Android and iOS platforms, shifting home or office to a new location is easier than ever with a complete peace of mind. Our client came to us with a concept of Go-to-on demand moving buddy which guarantees your items to be moved at the price you want.

About Bindle

Need to relocate your home or office? Download Bindle from Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store, and register with your basic personal details. Choose which Bindle Pro to use based on price, vehicle type and rating. Bindle will allow you to get only the service you require whether it’s just a Bindle truck and driver. You can pick your price and receive bids from the nearby Bindle Pros in your location. Whew.. You are ready to select your Bindle Pro and they will come to your service to move your things for you.

On Demand Moving Services Marketplace


End Users

  • Sign in/ Sign Up/ Landing Page
  • Choose/Select Pickup Location
  • Manual address selection
  • Item details
  • Make your bid page
  • Payment Page
  • Orders Page

Bindle Pros/ Service Sellers

  • Landing Page
  • Available Bids Page
  • Current Bids listing page
  • My Won Bids
  • Bid History page
  • Contractor Profile


  • Customer/Contractor listing
  • Edit/ Manage Promo codes
  • Job Listing/ Detail
  • Payment Process
  • Job Categories/ Sub-Categories
  • Postcode Management
  • Customer/Contractor create/ update page
  • Customer Contact Management

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