Apple’s SWIFT is an Open Source now!
At last year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple unveiled a new programming language called Swift. This year it announced that this very program will be available in open source with a new version. Now this is a thing of joy for developers; a chance for the coders to enhance their creativity even more.
Swift will also be open-source for iOS, OS X and Linux. This announcement was received with an overwhelming response.
Developers have welcomed the change saying that Swift is the next big programming language that they are going to use while developing application & system programming in the future.
Swift 2 comes with a ton of improvements like an error handling model, markdown in comments, availability checking, protocol extensions and a migrator from Swift 1.2 to the updated programming language.
With Swift 2 the application can be made more powerful and developers can do many innovative things.  Programmers can actually now look under the roof and may extend it too.
The praiseworthy thing is that Swift is expanding beyond iOS. Developers can now use the language to create apps for OS X as well, and even devices that don’t run Apple’s software.
The Swift 2 by the end of the year is getting some more interesting upgrades’ that includes support for new optimization technology, protocol extensions and much shorter compile times.

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