Nurturing Partnership Globally

The marketplaces for mobile apps are clearly driving the marketing strategies of the businesses. As Windows app store reached 300K+ apps in August 2014, it is not far that the duopoly of Android and iOS will become a triangular contest (if not war).

And apps are not the only area where businesses require IT assistance. App development companies and the businesses have humongous requirements and they need extra hands to manage the increasing demands. The start-ups have their own challenges for quick results too.

Areas where businesses can leverage an IT partnership:

  • Native and Cross Platform – Mobile Apps Development
  • Web Design and Development
  • Custom Themes and Plugins Development
  • Custom CMS development and Implementation
  • CRM Development and Implementation
  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Cloud Services
  • Maintenance and Support
  • IT Infrastructure Enhancement
  • Managed IT Services
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Remote Office Setup

Are you Looking For an IT Outsourcing Partner ?

We have strategic partnership with multiple IT Consultants across the globe where they engage in business development activities & we  deliver all IT Solutions For them.  This has been lucrative business for people who has access to wider people network in their town but do not have money to invest in infrastructure & operations. By just being our strategic partner you can access to large number of talent pool at zero operational & infrastructure cost.

Looking for a Tech Co-Founder?

Yes, as a founder you will always need a someone who can look after for tech part of the business. We are open being a Technology Partner  or be  a co – founder for the Ideas which we believe are good. You can always reach out to for this. Don’t lookback just do it !

But how to filter and pick is another concern in its own:

The list of tier-1 to tier-3 software development companies is endless across the globe. Moreover, their division into multi-national suppliers and offshore development centers brings a huge price gap in front of businesses. So the biggest question is how to find the most viable supplier to your ongoing needs?

Lets Nurture is +5 years strong into the domain of software development, web & graphics designing and enterprise solutions management. This is how we manage the expectations of our B2B clients:

Our Approach:

We hear it almost every other day: “there must be an app for that!” So the question is no more about ‘just’ having an app. What you must be looking for is – does the app deliver all that your customer would expect? Our approach in most scenarios is to gather the ideas from you and provide a detailed concept of the app understanding your business domain. And then our team puts the foot forward to deliver your concept into reality.

What do we assure you?

Team Lets Nurture will sketch the concept, design & develop, publish & market and provide end to end support to enhance the standards of the app. We will work collaboratively to identify areas what more can be provided to your customers based on their reviews and your growing business requirements. And while doing so, we will be prompt to implement modern technological platforms to achieve optimum output.

Partnership Business Model:

We have created this business model for already established businesses with the ideology of equality and transparency. The app monetization through the app store allows us to generate revenue on monthly basis. However, given the challenge, it is next to impossible to predict the app sales before it is launched or even the marketing revenue levied through ads or promotions. And the app requires us to persistently work to improve the functionality.

Therefore, we sit down and first find out the total cost for the development of your Project. And also estimate the penetration the app in its own domain. Once we have the clarity of the numbers, we design a cost-revenue sharing model that will transparently bisect the development costs and the revenue earned throughout the life-cycle of the app. So, higher the money you are willing to spend on development, less revenue you will be sharing with us. This is a perfect example of win-win situation that will allow you manage the maintenance and support for the app and also ensure that the costs are lowered.

For start-ups, freelancers and the ones focusing on global betterment of social community – Our Offshore Development Center offer more customized business models. Please click here to know more about them. And there are more customized models focusing to increase your profits – click here.

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