Channel partner

This is a Non-Exclusive, Low cost investment partnership. You can start channel partnership as low as $500 investment. You will be given full knowledge transfer about business framework, Lead Generation Training, Material support. You have freedom to build your own brand & We can be introduced a partner whenever you deem comfortable. Our business model is like that you can start your IT Agency Canada or USA below $5000 investment.

What is Channel Partnership?

  • Non Exclusive Partnership
  • Less Margin compare to Exclusive Partnership
  • Low Cost Investment
  • Free Training & Free Mentoring

Exclusive Partnership

Exclusive partnership opens up a door of opportunities. You are considered as a partner with an option to buy stake in a parent company too. You will have exclusivity on all our work and exclusive rates as well as we will help you to setup your business process from marketing to hr to operations. We will invest on lead generation for you. You will have direct access to engineering team , management team, mentoring team.

What is Exclusive Partnership?

  • Freedom to build channel partnership
  • Exclusive territory partnership.
  • Free training & free mentoring.
  • Partnership starts with $25000 capital.
  • More than 100% margin for all digital services you can sell.

let's grow together

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