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A Friday night is a ‘Bon Voyage’. Freaking out at a nightclub grooving on the favorite dance number with a drink in hand is all that’s on everyone’s mind. No worries only pure fun is the unsaid mantra!

You love the crowd and the crowd loves your nightclub – all for obvious reasons.

But have you ever given a thought that with so many bars and clubs coming up with attractive offers and services, your nightclub could slip from being ‘favourite -to-frequent to -hop in’ destination leaving you perplexed

Don’t let the crowd disappear from your club. Be in the business today and always. Get easy and interactive with your target customers by the way they love the most- “A mobile app” yes, this is the fundamental way to get in touch with your people all the time without even disturbing them even for a second.

Get trendy, get cool, get business with a nightclub mobile app specially designed for you.

Reasons to build a mobile app for your night club

    • Easy communication: People are busy and getting a call regarding offers and special discounts in week days annoys them. With a mobile app you put your message without disturbing them even for a second.
    • New customers: You would love to get as much crowd as you can, right! Mobile apps can grant an option to target new people. More people means better revenue.
    • Special offers: What more one can ask if he can get extended happy hours, buy one get one free, or two-for-one admission fees at times. Attract new customers with special offers that not only increases business but gets new faces on the floor.
    • Loyalty Points: With a night club mobile app you can create a loyalty program that will fetch your loyal customers back in the business. This is a really good option replacing the cards and coupons because they may forget the card/coupons but mobiles, never.

Let’s take a look on “must have features” for a night club mobile app

        • Profile: It should inform the people about the current real time statistics-fullness, line waiting and gender ratio and of the cool upcoming events.
        • Timings: Interact with the folks regarding the opening and closing time to avoid any mess. Inform them about the offers you have in day time or in week days. This will help you to generate revenue.
        • Food & Drink: Keep your menu online and let the order be quick when they enter your premise. Be it a drink or cocktail or tempting barbecue. This saves time and may result into multiple order.
        • Bookings: Booking online not only saves time for them but also ensures you a better preparation to serve the number.
        • Live Streaming: An amazing night happened last week at your club and with this feature people can know it, enjoy it through live streaming and make sure they don’t miss the next.
        • Offers: An exciting offer is what people always look for and with new customers it’s a get-way to your night club.
        • Events & Tickets: You already mentioned the upcoming gigs and thrilling events on your profile page. Booking their place for an event might help you get a good business and know what is a hit.
        • VIP Lounge: For the elites who want to enjoy their stay at your place without getting into the crowd really.
        • Artists: Who plays what and where matters specially with the young crowd. Make sure to inform them in advance about the gigs and artists that are in your night club at any particular day. This is one thing that fetches new customers easily.
        • Rewards: Create a loyalty points for the regular customers and hook them to your night club.
        • Social Media Sharing: Sharing ‘What happened last night’ across various social media platform with real and virtual friends will boost your business.
        • Push Notes: Continue your interaction with your loyal customers or the potential ones with push notes. Send effective special offers, discounts to one and all in your vicinity.

Build your own customized nightclub mobile app with the requisite and essential features making interaction pure, convenient and far-reaching.

Make your night club the most amazing & happening place in the town!

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