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Looking to improvise on existing Hospitality Operations with Smart Mobility Solutions?

According to National Restaurant Association, 83% people look up hotels, dining locations, directions and hours of operation on their smartphones or tablets.

Imagine being able to stay connected to your customers even after they went off your restaurant and promote your daily deals and offers to them which can significantly increase your hospitality or catering business. Technology is advancing at a faster pace than ever before, and this is changing both the expectation of patrons as well as the way in which hospitality industry conducts its business.

Easy Navigation with Hotel booking app development

Easy Navigation with Hotel booking app development

Travel companies having a travel booking app reported 60% of transactions via mobile, up from 41% just one year ago. This shows that the trend for app-based booking is rising fast.

  • Geolocation feature to get directions
  • Easy Discovery for the users with Mobile Voice Assistants
  • Custom concierge mobile app with all features
  • Build a quality presence and increase visibility
  • Customer engagement platform
  • Increase Customer retention and l
Customized Mobile Apps for Hotel Service & Operations

Customized Mobile Apps for Hotel Service & Operations

Digital mobile solutions help in streamline the operations happening from the shop to the top. An industry where customer experience is the top most priority to succeed, our custom mobility solutions for travel and hospitality industry are proven to be a boon.

  • Select and Check availability of hotel rooms
  • Hotel rooms aggregator
  • Hotel room booking solutions
  • Spa/ Restaurant table booking
  • Food ordering platform
  • Instant housekeeping services
Cognitive Technologies to enhance Staff Productivity & Customer Experience

Cognitive Technologies to enhance Staff Productivity & Customer Experience

Walk with the innovations to be a stand out performer. Leveraging the most innovative technologies, we provide sleek and engaging mobile first systems, that seamlessly integrate with your existing business processes.

  • Beacon-based solutions for premium customer experience with Custom Mobile App development
  • Personalized welcome experience for visitors
  • AR (Augmented Reality) enhances customer experience
  • Custom Chatbot development for Hotel Desk
  • GPS and Chatbots enabled solutions
  • Child Tracking Solutions for Hotels and Resorts
  • Rating and reviews
Hotel and Travel Ticket booking App Solutions

Hotel and Travel Ticket booking App Solutions

More than 57% of all travel reservations are made on the internet. Moreover, greater than 37% travellers have used travel booking apps to find the best hotel deals. The emergence of the on- demand hotel and travel booking or concierge app is essential for any travel and hotel business.

  • Concierge mobile app and web solutions
  • Mobile ticketing solutions empowered by Mobile and Cloud services
  • Real-time notifications and instant access for users
  • Car rental booking integration
  • Air ticket booking portal
  • Content management system and solutions
  • API integration
  • Payment gateway integration
Beacon based Custom Mobile Travel Guide App Development

Beacon based Custom Mobile Travel Guide App Development

Leveraging the advanced BLE Technology and using LN’s branded hardware, we provide state-of-the-art custom Travel guide app solutions for city tours. To have such mobile apps will only give wings to your new or existing travel business.

  • BLE based custom app for City Tour
  • Easy navigation for the visitors
  • Custom tour Packages
  • Maps
  • Analytics for the management
  • Cost effective for the visitors to avoid humans as guides
  • Audio and Video guide
  • Nearby restaurant, landmarks, hospitals aggregator
Industry Detail

How LetsNurture help Travel & Hospitality Industry?

LetsNurture – a leading IT company, can provide end-to-end solutions to the companies in the hospitality and travel industry from hotels to restaurants, casinos, online travel agencies, airlines and car rental companies. Our services are a mix of core business process and hospitality IT solutions.

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