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Smart Automation
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Automation & IoT App Development Company India, USA, Canada

Leading IoT app development and automation company proposing and delivering robust, innovative and smart mobility solutions for diverse industries.

Pioneers in providing tailor-made IoT applications and solutions for more than 10 years, we automate businesses in almost all industry verticals. Our IoT based systems and application allow businesses to collect data in real-time to make better business decisions to improve efficiency while reducing  overall costs.

Leveraging unparalleled expertise and experience of our in-house IoT programmers, we provide end-to-end IoT app development services and solutions in various industrial spheres like healthcare, banking, retail, manufacturing, consumer goods, etc., from  startups to enterprises.

Let us have a look at implications of custom IoT solutions which are and can be developed by us on various industry domains.

Home Automation for Real Estate

Home Automation for Real Estate

Connected Homes is the buzz in Home Automation segment that defines ultimate living experience for the people. From dining experience to utilities, safety and security; people have become more inclined towards adapting enhanced automation solutions leveraging IoT and voice based technologies in their homes. With home automation, users can access and control home appliances and gadgets, literally from anywhere. Home/ Office automation has brought unprecedented revolution in Retail industry by harnessing the power through automation to boost ROI.

  • IoT powered Smart Lighting
  • Alexa Skills based Smart Home Automation
  • Google Action based Smart Home Automation
  • Remote access/ monitoring of appliances
  • Smart Locks for Enhanced Security
  • Unlimited Access to Online/ Offline Internet browsing
  • Smart Savings on Utility Bills
  • AWS/ Azure Integration with Amazon Echo
  • Smart Home Skill API
Automation for Healthcare

Automation for Healthcare

Being the best automation solutions company, our vision is to control and avoid the growing challenges in healthcare industry. Problems like human errors, treatment uncertainty, long and boring waiting times, limited data access, communication gap between doctor-patient and payment challenges. Let’s Nurture offers healthcare automation and IoT solutions that will streamline the operation workflow of medical staff including doctors with precise data of patients on-hand to increase the efficiency and productivity. Automation also helps in managing invoices-payments and performing health analytics using Artificial Intelligence.


  • Custom Healthcare Automation Solutions
  • Smart Hospital Management System
  • AI-ML based Predictive Analysis
  • IoT Automation based Connected rooms
  • Cloud based Management
  • Appointment Booking System
  • Secure Data sharing Platform
  • HIPAA compliant Automation Solutions
  • Smart Inventory System for Waste Management
  • IoT based Health Monitoring Kiosks
Automation for Logistics & Infrastructure

Automation for Logistics & Infrastructure

IoT and automation have revolutionized automotive industry through smart solutions- Connected Cars is just an example. Automation in infotainment systems have also led people to be in touch with the real world while driving. Our IoT based smart logistics and transportation solutions have made it easy for businesses to enhance efficiency while reducing the overall costs. Leveraging our expertise in IoT and automation solutions are also helping to local garages, individual drivers and big enterprises like fleet management companies on different aspects of automotive industry.


  • IoT based Vehicle Diagnostic System
  • Real-time fleet management
  • Vehicle Telematics
  • AI-ML based Predictive Maintenance
  • Smart Warehouse & Logistic Solutions
  • Supply chain Management Solutions
  • Smart Driving Assistant
  • Automated Cloud-based Infotainment Systems
  • Cloud Services for Connected Cars
  • Blockchain Solutions for Automotive Insurance Companies
Automation & IoT for Manufacturing (IIoT)

Automation & IoT for Manufacturing (IIoT)

According to IDC, IoT can give 15% productivity increase in delivery and supply chain performance. M2M technology has transformed the dream of Connected Factories into reality. Leveraging Industrial IoT (IIoT), BLE/ iBeacons, Machine Learning (ML) we develop custom IIoT application systems and end-to-end automation solutions for manufacturing industry. Our IoT based solutions automates the operations through a centralized platform which aids secure data sharing, production flow monitoring, inventory management, enhanced quality control while cutting overall costs on resources.


  • IoT based Automation System Development
  • BLE/ Beacon based Smart Solutions
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Smart Warehouse Management
  • Industrial Control System with Motion Sensors
  • Smart Inventory System
  • Automated Production Flow Monitoring
  • Automated ERP System Development
  • Smart Environment Monitoring System
  • Supply chain Management Solutions
  • Predictive Analytics & Maintenance
  • IoT based Health Monitoring of Workers
Automation for Retail & Commerce

Automation for Retail & Commerce

Retail industry has a competition in itself since the existence of Ecommerce/ mCommerce platforms. With our experience in delivering excellence through technologies, we are the anchors for our clients having a physical retail store or an Ecommerce/ mCommerce business. We develop quality, robust and scalable end-to-end solutions and automation for retail and commerce industry which will help customer retention and enhanced customer experience. IoT, BLE/ iBeacon, Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence (AI) are technologies which can enhance retail & commerce from marketing to payments, to both consumers and business owners with seamless operations.


  • IoT & Automation based Smart Restaurant
  • IoT based Smart Mirror for Virtual Style Check
  • iBeacon based Proximity Marketing
  • ML based Predictive Analytics of Customers
  • Recommendation Engine for Buyers
  • Mobile Wallet Development
  • Mobile Wallet Integration
  • Blockchain App Development
  • Mobile Proximity Payments
  • NFC based Payment System Development
  • AI based Custom Chatbot Development
IoT & Automation for Farming/ Agriculture

IoT & Automation for Farming/ Agriculture

Smart farming- the IoT based solution is needed the most given the situation of farmers in most of the countries. Having developed IoT based Smart farming automation solutions, we understand the potential of technology and automation solutions for agricultural industry. Being a top automation and IoT solutions development company, our vision is to make farmers more eligible to manage the lands, livestock along with farming with more efficiency and reap rewards with enhanced productivity while cutting the overall costs and waste. Our IoT based Smart Plants, Smart Irrigation and Smart Water Management system will allow farmer to gather precise data remotely and make better decision for farming.


  • Site Specific Crop Management
  • IoT based Precision Farming
  • Sensor-based Field & Resource Mapping
  • Remote Crop Monitoring
  • Remote Equipment Monitoring
  • Climate Monitoring & Forecasting
  • Live Stats on Livestock Feeding & Production
  • Predictive Analytics for Crops & Livestock
  • Livestock Tracking & Geofencing
  • Automation for Logistics & Warehouse
Automation for Banking & Finance

Automation for Banking & Finance

Automation leveraging range of cognitive technologies is making banking and other financial application systems more secure and easy to use as the time is passing by. It is encouraging to see banking and other financial firms adapting to such automation solutions to drive more business through better customer experience while generating new revenue streams. All the businesses require a transparent, robust, secure and user friendly payment system- this is exactly what we can offer as a leading IoT and automation solutions providers. Our solutions will help insurance companies to reduce frauds, understand customers with improved customer retention.


  • Smart Digital Wallets
  • NFC enabled Automated Wireless Payment
  • PoS solutions
  • AI based Power Banking
  • Blockchain based Smart Contracts
  • Chatbot Development for FAQs
  • Amazon Alexa Skill to make Payments
  • AI-ML based Predictive Analytics for Insurance Companies
Automation for Education and E-Learning

Automation for Education and E-Learning

Learning and education has never been easy and structured before! Our best-in-class E-learning and M-Learning automation solutions have transformed this industry. We develop robust E-Learning management system that gives immediate feedback with answers to the questions along with grades. Voice assistant technology also automates the whole learning experience and our Alexa Skill and Action for Google developers are enthusiastic towards developing such a solution. Learning is all about engagement between a student and a teacher and automation solutions implies just with increased efficiency of teacher by saving time on creating courses manually.


  • Smart Campus for Universities
  • Campus Management System Application
  • Automated Workflow
  • E-Learning/ mLearning Solutions
  • Effective Inventory Management
  • E-Library App Solutions
  • Student Management Solutions
  • Connected Faculty Platform
Automation for Travel & Transportation

Automation for Travel & Transportation

Travel companies having a travel booking app reported 70% of transactions via mobile, up from 41% just one year ago. This shows that the trend for app-based travel booking is rising fast. We are also the best on demand applications development company having developed multiple service marketplace platforms for travel and transport businesses. We also have developed BLE/ iBeacon app development for guided tours in the city that enhances the travel experience with information on-hand. Our travel and transportation automation solutions will give businesses an X-factor to stand out in their own domains.


  • Travel Ticket Booking Platform
  • Online Check-in solutions
  • Customer Support Chatbot Development
  • On demand Taxi Booking App Development
  • Mobile Travel App Guide
  • Car Rental Booking Integration
  • Cloud Services for Ticket Booking App
  • Beacon based App for City Tour
Industry Detail

How Let’s Nurture helps with Automation & IoT Solutions?

At Let’s Nurture, we are offering best end-to-end automation solutions and IoT application development services in every possible industry. Our best practices in custom IoT solutions help in delivering top-notch deliverables to our global clients with quality beyond their expectations. Our in-house Android and iOS developers, IoT programmers, Chatbot developers and expert consultants help our clients in every possible aspect- from idea to development followed by technical support.


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