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Looking for Smart Farming Solution?

According to Statista, The global market size of smart agriculture is expected to grow from approximately five billion U.S. dollars in 2016 to 15.34 billion U.S. dollars by 2025.

The demand of food is constantly growing with increase in world’s population. With a decrease in the quantity of land available for farm use and an ever-growing situation about water sources, farmers need to be smart about their crop and livestock management if they want to reduce waste and cut overall costs. The Internet of Things (IoT) is making it possible for farmers and growers to optimize their crop yields and promote livestock health through remote monitoring and data-driven decision making.

Let’s Nurture is the best IoT application development company in India having catered farming industry with robust solutions on various domains.

Below are some solutions that will help your Agriculture Business with weather and climate forecast, track crop, livestock health and more.

IoT enabled Drones and Sensors for Crop Monitoring

IoT enabled Drones and Sensors for Crop Monitoring

Manage production stages of crops and plants with help of drones and sensors based Solution. Our IoT based farming solutions will enable farmers to receive real-time advanced information about location, temperature, health of livestock and more. This information can be used in accumulative manner in order to make better decisions. IoT technology gathers real-time data which can be used for predictive analytics leveraging Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Increase crop production with Let’s Nurture Crop Monitoring solution.

  • Detect Parasitic Crops
  • Monitor Crop Inventory
  • Advanced Soil Analysis
  • Diagnose potential problems
Livestock Monitoring

Livestock Monitoring

Promote better livestock health with connected livestock wearables that enable you to monitor heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, digestion and other vitals. Our remote health monitoring solutions will help farmers to track animal’s real-time location, which can be helpful in locating sick animals as well as establish grazing pattern. Geofencing can also be integrated to get real-time alerts if an animal crosses the boundary set.

  • Livestock Health Tracking
  • Monitor Reproductive Cycles
  • Track Animal’s location
  • Optimise grazing pattern
Smart Irrigation System

Smart Irrigation System

Monitor the water usage for irrigation according to crop’s necessity with help of IoT enabled Irrigation mobility Solution. Configure your irrigation schedule on mobile application and remotely track activities thereafter. Our smart farming solutions not only will help to save water but also they will also serve the purpose of precision farming.

  • Remote Irrigation monitor
  • Water crop based on necessity
  • Automated water supply
  • Timely Irrigation Updates
Big Data Analytics for Agriculture

Big Data Analytics for Agriculture

Foresee the yields even before planting a seed into the soil, with high-end algorithms powered solutions that enables you to see spans of crop and weather information. The big data analytics offered can help farmers initiate and harvest farms at best time possible. It will help farmers maximise harvest.

  • Accurate Crop Forecast
  • Precision Farming
  • Weather Forecast
  • Smart Farming Guide
Industry Detail

How Let’s Nurture can help Farming and Agriculture Businesses?

We at Let’s Nurture believe that the use of IoT based smart farming solutions are bound to grow. Not just because of the necessity to solve the problems that the world faces regarding food security but due to use of technology in all the other sectors of industries. Application of IoT technology in everyday life is not far from reality and if you want some technological solution for your enterprise do contact us.

Our offerings and capabilities

  • Sensor-based field and resource mapping
  • Remote crop monitoring
  • Remote equipment monitoring
  • Climate monitoring and forecasting
  • Stats on livestock feeding and produce
  • Predictive analytics for crops and livestock
  • Livestock tracking and geofencing
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