Virtual icebreakers: How to engage remote teams


Jul. 22



We all know that employees can feel fatigued from their work and the many virtual meetings they have to attend each day. This can lead to boredom, decreased engagement, and a decrease in motivation over time.

Many companies now practice virtual ice breaking before moving on to business. Virtual ice breaks can be used to strengthen the relationships between team members, regardless of whether they are a fully remote group or those who have been forced to work remotely because of a pandemic.

Let’s take a closer look into virtual icebreakers, their importance, and what the best virtual breakers are for your team.


What are virtual icebreakers?


The virtual icebreakers are games and activities that are played before the meeting. These games are simple and interactive, which will undoubtedly help to bring people together. This is also a great way for the team to meet new people.

Even if team members aren’t physically located together, virtual icebreakers can be used to break down communication barriers and allow for bonding between them.

One study actually shows that friends who know each other well have positive and significant effects on group task performance.

This is why virtual icebreakers are an excellent way to increase communication between team members.


What are the benefits of virtual icebreakers?


Organizations can use virtual icebreakers to break up the ice in meetings and training sessions. It’s strategically designed to build camaraderie among team members, which will increase productivity.

It has made it difficult for people to get along and interact with each other because of the safety and health protocols. Individuals who live alone may find this even more difficult. A 2021 American Psychiatric Association study found that remote workers report a negative effect on their mental health.

Virtual icebreakers can help team members reduce feelings of isolation, loneliness, and anxiety.


What are some virtual icebreakers?


Here are some virtual icebreakers that your team can use to keep your company culture intact.


Ice breaker songs


Learn about the music tastes of your colleagues! This virtual icebreaker involves a team member playing a song and another colleague guessing the song. If the person who guesses can sing that song, they will get an additional point.

This is a great icebreaker activity, as music can keep everyone happy!


Home scavenger hunt


This virtual icebreaker encourages colleagues to get up from their desks. Before time runs out, team members can quickly locate the items they need in their own homes.

The players will be asked to locate anything starting with the letter “T”. They can then retrieve any item that begins with that letter, such as a towel or a teaspoon. The scavenger hunt’s goal is to encourage team members to participate.


Turn the wheel


If you are looking for a fun and easy way to break the ice, the Spin the wheel is the game for you. The spinning wheel is made up of various activities and questions that are assigned to each member of the team.

The wheel will stop spinning and the team member will answer a question or perform an activity. To avoid awkwardness, make sure that your team members are comfortable answering the many questions and engaging in activities.


Virtual Bingo Card


Online bingo is a virtual icebreaker that helps team members learn and share fun facts about one another. It’s fun, easy and can increase your competitiveness.

All participants will receive a virtual bingo card from a facilitator. Each participant will receive a virtual bingo card that contains a grid of squares and a question. Virtual bingo can be played either horizontally or vertically, depending on how the facilitator instructs.


Trivia game


Trivia games will encourage team members to compete. This type of virtual icebreaker will have a set questions with three to five possible answers. You can also answer the questions by answering True or False.

The difficulty level of the question may affect the score. You can play virtual trivia either individually or in teams.


Pop quiz!


It may look similar to the trivia game but has a twist. Pop quiz questions are educational and entertaining, which team members can relate to.

This is a great way to laugh with your team, and it also serves as a pre-treatment for serious matters.


How to start with virtual icebreakers


Conducting virtual ice breaks is a great way for team leaders or remote managers to improve relationships with team members.

Virtual icebreakers are designed to help people avoid awkwardness. Facilitate fun, competitive games to increase team bonding.

Virtual icebreakers aren’t the best option for meetings with many participants. Breakout rooms are a great idea for meetings with more than 15 employees.

Most participants will have difficulty answering certain questions. To ensure consistency, you should have a plan.

These virtual icebreakers will improve team communication. Virtual icebreakers are a great way to bond with your colleagues.


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