Top Technology Trends to watch in Post-COVID-19 World


Aug. 20

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COVID has brought a completely new direction to the world to get closer and work effectively due to the increment in ever-changing technology trends in 2020. The world has now become a global village as connecting to someone sitting on another side is now on fingertips. To connect effortlessly and work efficiently, being aware of different trends in the world is a must.

Let us quickly know what is new in the market to help ourselves aware and make our life a cakewalk.

Artificial Intelligence

A trend shifting towards Artificial Intelligence is seen off late due to the high development in the field. Artificial Intelligence is one of the complicated technology trends as it involves a combination of computer science, mathematics, and other complicated methodologies of sciences. This, together, helps machines to learn and operate on its own and thus allows humans to get work done faster and better than ever. Artificial Intelligence handles repetitive jobs easily, saving time and man force to get a particular thing done. Further, it has also helped to cut down on human errors and thus in heavy adoption by numerous companies for their employees while they have been working online. Artificial Intelligence is also very much in demand by retail and supply chain industries as it is helping them to connect customers online by creating a completely new purchasing pattern and thus delivering goods with a better-personalized experience.

5G Network

Who knew technology trends keep developing so fast that the internet could be accessed within a microsecond click. The 5G network has been in high demand ever since it was launched. It has brought the world closer and helped to access information super swiftly. Rise of 5G Network will bring edge computing to next level. Games which people were able to play on Gaming Console will become easy to play on Smartphone devices. So Mobile Game Development sector will see completely new level of Gaming. With the use of 5G IoT apps will be able to process lot of data at device itself. This may reduce latency. Autonomous Cars , Smart Agriculture, Smart Grid will be even powerful.

Cloud Computing

Working online has always been a part of worry as to what if we lose the connection or what if our computer crashes. What will happen to the data which we were working on and how will we recover the same? Fortunately, for all this, saving everything on the cloud, the moment you log in, is a blessing. Cloud computing technology is nothing but saving everything online. This helps people recover their data and even share the same via the internet to another person sitting in a completely different place in the world. Constant upgrading of the technology trends in cloud computing has helped hundreds of companies to save humongous data on the cloud. Moreover, numerous cloud service vendors have actively improved their functions and contributed resources to meet demand.

Cyber Security

As most of the work is getting done online, the rise in cyber-crime has also been increasing. To overcome this, more and more companies have come up with such secure firewalls which hardly allow any malware issues to arise in a company’s database. Such firewalls have also caught many cybercriminals by which now others are scared to even think of hacking another database. Cyber Security offers sure modes for doing numerous monetary and other transactions online without letting people worry about their data and accounts being compromised. This will, in fact, reduce or null cash transactions and hence help the government to get proper taxes from money earners.

Robot Deliveries

The world has always been working on building robots and now the dream and hard work have come to life. People have started ordering online, be it food or clothes or even any electronic items. Initially, people had been delivering these orders but the current trend is showing a big up move on hiring robots and getting them to deliver items ordered online. Though this technology is still on a trial base but soon it could be seen to deliver promising results and completely change the world of what we see today.

Distance Learning

Distance learning is the biggest ever change one is seeing in their life. In the past, the heavy amount was always kept aside to pay education fees. Many had to cross borders if they wanted to take a particular course. Distance learning has made it possible to learn the same course in their hometown and thus saving a huge sum for traveling, daily expenses, and much more. In months to come, traveling from one country to another just for the educational purpose would be eliminated and would help numerous students who were initially unable to gain education due to monetary issues.

Online Entertainment

Entertainment has seen a drastic change over the years. Only a few years back when someone would want to see a movie, they would buy a theatre ticket and reach the theatre to watch a movie. The technology trends have completely reversed today as to every movie, series, the live telecast is available on various platforms and the best part of this technology is that one can choose their own time to watch the program. This, in fact, has also reduced the money spent on a ticket as the monthly subscription of these platforms equals a movie ticket. This has the potential of completely bringing down the theatre system and thus bringing in a revolution one had never imagined.

Improvement in digital technology trends has been brought in speed, efficiency, and agility. Team collaborations and sharing business documents along with getting in touch with someone far has become possible with just a click. Real-time communication has importantly improved and this has overall changed the way we look at our daily lifestyle. With technological changes, more such trends will let organizations run efficient and productive operations.

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