The Benefits of Using Web AR for E-commerce Websites


May. 23



Imagine browsing through an e-commerce website and suddenly spotting a 3D model of the product you have been eyeing for weeks! Visualizing the outcome from all angles would be great, placing it in your room and even trying it virtually. Thanks to Web AR, the newest trend taking the e-commerce world by storm, it is now a reality. It combines the best of augmented reality and web browsing, allowing users to experience AR directly through their browsers without downloading any extra apps or software. And when combined with e-commerce websites, it brings numerous benefits that can take the shopping experience to a whole new level.


The benefits of using Web AR for e-commerce websites are many, from improving customer experience to increased sales and marketing opportunities. As consumers demand an increasingly personalized and interactive experience, Web AR has become a must-have tool for e-commerce sites. With all its advantages, it’s unsurprising that this technology is quickly becoming a vital aspect of modern online shopping. So, let’s take advantage of this technological advancement to make e-commerce websites even more exciting, engaging, and memorable!


Benefits Of Web AR In E-Commerce


The growth of online shopping is remarkable, with retail e-commerce revenues from mobile users reaching $3.56 trillion in 2022, according to Statista. For years, e-commerce websites have improved mobile user experience to increase online sales. However, the future of sales and marketing for e-commerce products largely depends on Augmented Reality, and Web AR enables AR to be more scalable and adaptable for various business objectives.


Boosts Your Conversion Rates


In today’s world, traditional methods of experiencing 2D visuals are outdated, and augmented reality has become the new norm. It allows customers to visualize products in 3D, making it easier to find the best products without being physically present. AR technology can turn the shopping experience into an enjoyable virtual expertise, ultimately leading to more accurate purchasing decisions. Augmented reality benefits products where the “perfect match moment” is critical, such as clothes, shoes, and furniture. AR allows customers to try on different products from any angle, customize them, and add personalized details, resulting in a more personalized online shopping experience. Web AR technology has been shown to lead to a 94% increase in conversion rates, making customers happier and brands more successful.


Boost The Confidence of Shoppers


To establish a robust brand-customer relationship, building trust is essential. Like in personal relationships, attachment styles also significantly influence how customers perceive your brand. To ensure your customers feel safe and secure when interacting with your brand, showcasing your reliability is crucial. Providing additional product information can inspire more trust in your brand. In today’s age, where consumers are more cautious when shopping, innovative technologies like Web Augmented Reality can help them make better purchasing decisions. Despite the threshold of insecurity that comes with entering credit card information during online sales, pioneering moves can turn your brand into a love brand for your customers.


Reduction In Product Returns


Reducing product returns is crucial for both customers and brands. Returns cost the retail industry $550 billion, according to the 2022 Snap Consumer AR Research. The rise of slow fashion, where consumers make more informed buying decisions, has also made it essential for brands to focus on reducing returns. By using Web AR in the sales process, businesses can minimize confusion and increase accuracy, resulting in a 25% decrease in product returns. It leads to a more efficient and profitable sales cycle, making Web AR a valuable sales strategy.


Consumers Want More Web AR Experiences


As technology continues to evolve, customers have started to demand more immersive and engaging experiences from brands. Augmented Reality (AR) has emerged as a solution that meets these expectations. According to a recent study, 61% of consumers prefer retailers that offer Web AR experiences. It indicates that Web AR has the potential to transform shopping experiences and become the gold standard for retail soon. Customers want to avoid following a basic, risk-free approach that appeals to the general audience. Instead, they prefer a personalized approach that helps them make informed decisions and leaves them more satisfied after the purchase. Brands that understand their customers’ needs and offer customized Web AR experiences are more likely to build long-term relationships with them.


Web AR Can Be Your Brand Influencer


Web AR is more than just a tool for creating immersive experiences; it also yields marketable data that can be used to improve brand awareness and engagement. Brands no longer rely on colossal advertising budgets or influencer deals to promote themselves. AR enables direct contact with the product, making both the brand and the customer a part of the process. When entertainment is included in the process, people prefer how they can be involved rather than passive followers. Using Web AR, brands can create unique and best experiences that resonate with their target audience. These experiences can be shared on social media platforms, generating organic traffic and building brand awareness, and Web AR can serve as a powerful brand influencer that drives engagement and loyalty.


Enhanced Product Engagement


By ensuring the proper interaction with your products, you can effectively convert the traffic that visits your e-commerce website and social media accounts into potential leads. Incorporating Web AR into your current website and social media page can enhance user engagement by enabling them to easily view and experience your product in 3D without downloading an app. Elevate your social media marketing strategy by encouraging users to share their experiences online.

Web AR (Augmented Reality) technology has unlocked a world of possibilities for businesses looking to engage customers and enhance their brand experience. By hiring a Web AR development company, businesses can tap into the expertise of experienced developers who can bring their ideas to life and create unique, immersive experiences for their customers. With the help of Web AR technology, businesses can create interactive product demonstrations, virtual showrooms, and even gamified experiences that can drive engagement and increase sales. Therefore, companies should explore the possibilities of Web AR and hire a reputable Web AR development company to unlock the full potential of this innovative technology.


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