Laundry On-Demand services: A Successful App Service You Should Consider


Jan. 21

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With our hectic lifestyles and the need to physically distance due to the ongoing pandemic, on-demand app services are rising in popularity. One such category for this niche is on-demand laundry, where your clothes are picked up from home, taken to the dry-cleaner of your choice, cleaned, and returned to you. If an on-demand laundry application interests you, read on to find out how an app like this works and what benefits you can expect when partnering with a on-demand laundry service.

On-Demand Mobile Apps & Their Rise in Popularity

There is no doubt about it, on-demand mobile applications have become extremely popular, especially in an ongoing pandemic. Services for shopping, walking the dogs, cleaning apartments, and laundry services have all entered the marketplace through on-demand app models, but why? What is driving the on-demand trend?

  • The Requirement for Full Digitization.When starting a business, the number one requirement you must have is an online website, because this carves out a place where your ideal audience can interact with you. You also need a mobile application, as the majority of the world’s population uses smartphones to browse the internet and find goods and services near them.
  • Hectic & Busy Lifestyles. Between fulltime work, children, and remote learning, there is hardly enough time to get anything done let alone the household chores. On-demand applications for services like house cleaning and laundry have become a great way to tackle the lack of time in our lives.
  • Wide Variety of Payment Options Available. There are tons of digital ways to pay, all of which are secure, quick, and easy to use. On-demand apps take advantage of this.
  • Illness & the Pandemic.With the ongoing pandemic, the need for physical distancing and isolation away from others has caused on-demand apps to boom in popularity. They help us stay safe while still giving us access to the services we need.

How Does An On-Demand Laundry Service App Work?

This type of service works in the same way that Uber does. You don’t even need to call anyone, simply open up the application, input your physical address in and destination. The car then comes to you.

With an on-demand laundry application, you open up the app, place an order and wait for the dry cleaner to accept it. The application will then find the nearest courier who gets a notification of your nearby order. They then come to you, pick up the laundry, and take it to the dry cleaner. Once the cleaning is done, your clothes are packed and the dry cleaner sends it back to you. Payment can be charged at the beginning of the order or after the work has been completed.

What Are The Benefits With On-Demand Laundry Services?

For business owners who own dry-cleaning services, benefits can include:

  • Access to mobile platforms that help you manage your business efficiently and all online.
  • The ability to access a wider pool of clients. You can attract more customers by opening up your service through an on-demand app.
  • Higher profit margins by opening up to more clients. More customers = more money.
  • Because taking orders can be automated through the on-demand app, you get more free time to focus on other areas of your business.
  • Mobile applications can double as an advertising platform for your laundry services to those in the local area.
  • Since the on-demand application’s data would all be digitized, you get access to a lot of analytical tools and reports.

For customers who are looking to use dry-cleaning/laundry services, benefits can include:

  • On-demand laundry applications are available on multiple app store platforms.
  • Customers get access to a large selection of local dry cleaners in the area. This is super convenient.
  • By being able to order laundry services at any time from anywhere, customers are more likely to leave a positive customer review.
  • Customers are able to be safe during the pandemic.

On-demand and online laundry services are convenient, provide more income for laundry owners, and give customers a sense of security and 24/7 access. As of right now, offline or physical laundry venues are inconvenient, take up a lot of our time, provide limited access, and increase customer’s risk of coronavirus infection.

What Features Should On-Demand Laundry Applications Have?

In order for an on-demand laundry app to work, it needs to provide features to customers, to laundry owners, and to couriers. So let’s break this down into three easy to read blocks.

For couriers, the features tend to be very basic:

  • You need a registration system.
  • An order search that allows the courier to pick up, drop off, and see nearby orders that require delivery.
  • Couriers need to be able to view earnings either for a specific order or over a specific time period.
  • The courier needs to be able to accept the delivery, refuse it, and change its status right within the app.
  • The courier needs access to GPS for tracking orders and finding the delivery address.
  • The courier needs access to a chat system, so that they can send both the client and the laundry business owner messages.

For laundry owners, the features tend to be focused around client information.

  • Laundry owners need to be able to register their business and provide basic company information. This is what gives them visibility to clients.
  • Laundry owners need to be able to view the customer details of each delivery.
  • Laundry owners should get access to a customer search platform within the application so that they can form a customer database through the app.
  • Laundry owners need to be able to accept, refuse, cancel orders as well as, update an order’s status and see the cost.
  • Laundry owners need to be able to accept payment from a wide variety of payment options.
  • Push notifications need to be provided so that laundry owners can be informed about order updates and news.
  • Laundry owners should be provided the ability to create flexible loyalty systems for personalized discounts, bonuses, and sales and promotions for their customer base through the app.
  • Laundry owners need direct access to a chat system that puts them in contact with their customers.
  • Laundry owners could benefit from getting statistical data from the app for business insights.

For customers, the features tend to be focused around the service.

  • Customers should be able to register/sign-up through email or social media accounts. They should also be able to create a personal account profile that includes information about their name, contacts, and profile photo.
  • The customer should be able to use filters to search for laundry services that fit a certain price range, type of service, location area, or by institution rating.
  • The customer should be able to view details about a particular laundry business, including their location, price policy, loyalty programs, hours of operation, contact, and specialized services.
  • Customers should be able to place an order, pre-order, confirm the order, change order details or cancel an order.
  • Have a favorites section for customers who want to use certain laundry services due to a positive experience.
  • Customers should have access to courier selection, choose courier pickup and drop off time, and be able to track the movement of the driver.
  • Customers should also be able to monitor the order status, calculate the cost of the service, and choose which payment option they want to use.
  • Customers should be able to leave a review and rating, see their order history, and have access to a chat feature to discuss order details with the dry cleaner.
  • Push notifications should also be included so that clients can be notified of order status, news, and promotions.

If you’re interested in developing an on-demand laundry app of your own, make sure you consider the needs of both partnering businesses and your customers. Ease of use, and quality of service are what separate the darks from the lights, and determine your app’s success. Subcontract your Android work with our remote android developers at fraction of the cost and arrange a call with our mobile app developers to clear the queries.


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