How To Setup AWS Account Within Few Minutes


Apr. 21

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AWS Account Setup Guide (Step-by-step Sign-up tutorial)

So, you have finally decided to hop on the bandwagon of growth by employing Enterprise Mobility in your organization. Transitioning from a conventional business model to a cloud platform starts from hiring some space on a Cloud Platform and then building your websites and applications there from scratch.

 AWS is one of the leading platforms that provide impeccable Cloud services and is renowned for its scalability and adaptability. Whether you require Cloud Storage or a content delivery platform, AWS is an all-inclusive platform that caters to all your cloud-based requirements. But, before you climb up to the clouds of possibilities, it all comes to the first step and that is by creating an account on AWS.

 To make your experience hassle-free and to help you give a smooth transition, we have created a step-by-step guide to creating an AWS account below! Just go through the simple process and start your journey towards the virtual world.

AWS Account Setup Guide (Step-by-step Sign-up tutorial)

 Singing up on AWS is almost as similar to creating an account on a free social media app that provides in-app purchases. Amazon Web Services allows all its users to create free accounts and get access to their different functionalities. You can get access to different modules for free but you will have to pay if you require additional storage or resources.

 Now without further ado, let’s go through the guide to create an AWS account:

 Step 1: Create an AWS Account button:

To create an account on AWS, just go to the  and click on the button “Create an AWS Account” on the top right corner of the page.

Step 2: Sign-in page:

 Once you click on that button, you reach the Sign-in page where you have to click on the “Create a new AWS account” button.

Step 3: The Sign-up page:

 Then, click on Create a new AWS account leads you to the sign-up page which is a five-step process. It starts with your basic information and then your business information.

Step 4: The Payment Gateway:

 Once you have filled in all your information, you will have to enter your payment information. Once the payment information is registered, Amazon will deduct a minimal charge to verify your payment information. The charges vary based on the geographical region from which you are registering.

Step 5: Contact verification:

 Next, you will receive a call from Amazon to verify the contact information that you have entered during the process.

Step 6: Choose a plan:

Once the account is created, you will have to select a plan which is basically classified in Basic, Business, Enterprise and Developer. Out of these 4, the basic plan is free with restricted access and the rest are paid.

 Step 7: Information confirmation:

Lastly, Amazon will ask you to confirm your choice and then you will be redirected to the AWS Management Console.

 Easy, quick and seamless:

The process of creating an AWS account is as easy as creating an account on a social media platform.  All you need for setup is an online identification, contact information, business information and an online payment method. Want us to cover any other processes or do you have any other queries relating to this, get in touch with us.


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