How Telemedicine helps in stopping the transmission of infections like COVID-19?


Apr. 20

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The World Health Organization (WHO) provides the definition of telemedicine as “healing from a distance“. it’s the employment of telecommunications technology and data technologies to provide remote clinical services to patients. Telemedicine includes the utilization of electronic correspondences and software to offer clinical service to patients without an in-person visit.

The utilization of virtual visits running as securely treating patients and containing the spread of the disease at emergency clinics, centers, and clinical workplaces.

In 1922, Dr. Hugo Gernsback highlighted the teledactyl in a science magazine. Gernsback anticipated that this tangible input gadget would allow doctors to see their patients through a TV screen and contact them from miles away with robot arms.

The first radiologic pictures were sent by means of the phone between two clinical staff at two diverse wellbeing places in Pennsylvania by 1948. The wellbeing communities were 24 miles separated from each other! At that point in 1959, doctors at the University of Nebraska transmitted neurological assessments across grounds to clinical understudies utilizing two-way intuitive TV. After five years, a CC TV interface was constructed that permitted doctors to give mental meetings 112 miles away at Norfolk State Hospital.

By monitoring more patients virtually, Intermountain will be able to limit the potential exposure of nurses who conduct home visits.

Doctors and Patients Turn to Telemedicine during the Coronavirus Outbreak

The practice of telemedicine cuts down personal interactions between patients and the doctors and healthcare provider, and it’s useful when handling infectious diseases
As the world apparatuses to handle the danger from novel coronavirus, human services laborers and senior specialists in the state are gnawing enthusiastic about telemedicine

  • Telemedicine helps to avoid crowding of emergency cases of Covid-19 caseload.
  • Virtual counsel could decrease superfluous visits. In the potential pandemic setting expanded consideration must be paid to the potential transmission in congested closed spaces.
  • When the patient is analyzed in their own homes, specialists and the medicinal services framework will have the option to trigger and screen a greater number of patients than during in-person consultation.

Benefits of telemedicine screening for COVID-19

  • Telemedicine increase access to care

    Distance and time of travel between patients and care providers may restrict access to treatment.telemedicine is fortunate to be able to transcend regional barriers to healthcare, particularly for specialist providers.telemedicine may be of great value to patients in medically underserved areas and those in remote geographic regions where there is a shortage of clinicians.

  • Telemedicine reduces the cost of healthcare

    Telemedicine may improve treatment quality, reduce patient care costs or transport to another location and even keep patients out of the hospital.

  • Telemedicine is enhancing conventional face-to-face treatment

    A strong doctor-patient relationship is the foundation for high-quality patient care and reducing health care costs. Telemedicine should support, Telemedicine should bolster, not supplant, customary consideration conveyance. With telemedicine care suppliers can keep on thinking about patients in-person care while as yet giving the adaptability and accommodation of seeing patients remotely for follow up visits, registration, and training when fitting or important.

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