AR and Real Estate for Vacation Rentals: Enhancing the Guest Experience


May. 23



Augmented reality (AR) technology has become increasingly popular in various industries, including real estate. With the growth of the vacation rental market, property owners and managers are turning to AR to ensure that the guests get an immersive experience for their renters. According to a report published by Grand View Research, the vacation rental market is expected to grow annually by 3.4% from 2021 to 2028 globally. With such a vast market, vacation rental owners and managers seek ways to stand out and provide guests with a unique experience.

AR can allow guests to visualize and explore the vacation rental before they arrive. It can include virtual property tours, 360-degree views of the property, and even the ability to place virtual furniture in the space to see how it would look. In this blog, we will explore how AR technology enhances the guest experience in vacation rentals and why it’s becoming an essential tool for property owners and managers.


 Benefits of AR in Vacation Rentals


  • Improved Communication with Guests: One of the primary benefits of AR in vacation rentals is improved communication with guests. With AR technology, hosts can provide guests with visual and interactive instructions on operating various appliances, gadgets, and equipment in the rental property. It saves the host time and ensures that the guest fully understands the functionality of everything in the rental.
  • Enhanced Property Visualization: Augmented Reality can create 3D models of the rental property, which guests can view before booking. It allows guests to understand the property’s layout, design, and amenities better, making it easier to decide if it fits their exceptional needs. Additionally, guests can use AR to explore the property during their stay and get a better sense of the space.
  • Personalized Experiences: AR can provide customized experiences for guests based on their interests and preferences. For example, guests can use AR to explore local attractions and restaurants, receive recommendations based on their past choices, and even create customized tours of the area. It enhances the guest experience and makes it easier for hosts to provide a unique and memorable stay for each guest.
  • Interactive Entertainment and Activities: AR can provide interactive entertainment and activities for guests, such as scavenger hunts, interactive tours, and games. It not only adds an extra element of fun to the guest experience but also encourages guests to explore the local area and know more about the background and cultural facts of the destination.
  • A Better Understanding of The Local Area: AR can give guests a better understanding of the local area, including its history, culture, and attractions. It can include virtual tours of local museums, historical sites, landmarks and recommendations for restaurants, bars, and other points of interest. It enhances the guest experience and encourages guests to explore the local area for a deeper understanding of the destination.


Examples of AR in Vacation Rentals


  • Virtual Tours and Property Showcases: AR technology allows guests to take virtual tours of the property before they arrive, giving them a better sense of the layout and design of the rental space. It can help guests make informed decisions about which property to rent.
  • Customized Room And Amenity Information: With AR technology, guests can access customized information about the rental space and amenities. For example, they can scan an object in the room and receive information about it or get tips on how to use it. It can help guests feel more comfortable and confident during their stay and also helps rental owners highlight the unique features of their properties.
  • AR-Powered Concierge Services: Some vacation rental companies now offer AR-powered concierge services. Guests can use AR technology to access recommendations for local restaurants, attractions, and activities, make reservations, and purchase tickets.
  • Gamification Of Tourist Activities: AR technology is used to gamify tourist activities, making them more interactive and engaging. For example, guests might use AR technology to solve puzzles or complete challenges while exploring a new city or taking a tour.
  • AR-Enabled Language Translation: AR technology is being used to facilitate language translation for guests traveling in foreign countries. With AR-enabled translation, guests can scan signs or menus and receive translations in real-time, making navigating unfamiliar environments easier.


Best Practices for Implementing AR in Vacation Rentals


  • Considering Guest Preferences and Demographics: Before implementing AR technology, it’s essential to understand the priorities and demographics of your target audience. It helps determine what kind of AR experiences will attract and engage potential guests most effectively.
  • Choosing The Right AR Technology and Software: Many AR technologies and software options are available. Selecting the one that fits the needs and goals of your vacation rental property is crucial.
  • Creating User-Friendly and Intuitive Interfaces: The AR experience should be carefully designed with the target audience in mind. A well-designed interface will encourage guests to explore the rental property more thoroughly.
  • Providing Adequate Support and Training for Guests and Staff: To ensure a positive experience for guests and staff, providing suitable training and support for AR technology is crucial. It may include tutorials, videos, or other resources to help guests navigate the AR experience.
  • Ensuring Privacy and Security Measures Are in Place: With any technology that collects and stores data, it’s essential to have good privacy and security measures. It includes protecting guest data and ensuring the AR experience does not infringe on their privacy.


How Airbnb Successfully Integrated AR In Vacation Rentals- A Case Study


In 2019, the company introduced a new feature called “Airbnb Adventures,” which allows guests to book unique experiences that include AR-enhanced activities. Through AR, guests can explore their vacation rental property before arrival, previewing the layout and amenities of their rental home, making for a seamless check-in process. 

It increased transparency and accuracy as property information has contributed to positive guest satisfaction and increased bookings. Additionally, AR has enabled Airbnb to enhance its marketing and brand awareness. By showcasing unique and innovative experiences, they have stood out from competitors and attracted a broader audience.

AR technology is an exciting opportunity for vacation rental property owners and managers to enhance guests’ experience. By offering immersive and interactive experiences, AR can elevate how guests interact with the property and the surrounding area, providing a more personalized and memorable stay. This technology has several benefits in real estate and vacation rentals, including virtual tours of the property, informative guides to local attractions, and visualization of furniture and decor. 

We encourage vacation rental property owners and managers to explore the potential of AR technology and consider implementing it in their guest experience. With the ever-increasing demand for unique and memorable travel experiences, AR could be the key to setting your property apart and providing a truly unforgettable stay for your guests.


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