How much would it cost to develop an IoT & AI Powered Remote Diagnostic Systems for Healthcare?

Research firm Berg predicts that by 2021 there will be 50.2 million people remotely monitored using connected healthcare devices compared to 7.1 million in 2016.

Internet of Things (IoT) is growing exponentially and for healthcare industry, the main objective to leverage on cutting-edge technologies like IoT and mobile app development to enhance patient experience. IoT is bringing new applications, tools and workflows building remote diagnostic systems for healthcare into the mix which ensures better patient care and treatment outcomes by reducing healthcare costs.

With the rapid increase of COVID-19 cases, we are experiencing a rise in the demand for digital epidemiology tools, chatbot helpers, EHR guidance tools and rapid response test kits. Our new COVID19 chatbot tool is customizable for healthcare providers. It helps patients to tap into information about the virus and assess COVID-19 risks, utilising an exhaustive set of verified online sources. Eliminating the need of a medical professional for simple consultation, can greatly benefit the medical community and focus expert efforts on plugging the tide, rather than beng forced to attend to hysteria.

Virtual assistants, Connected Wearables and Telemedicine are more likely to be accepted by the population as a result of global acceptance for Smart Healthcare solutions.


Benefits of Smart Remote Diagnostic System improving Healthcare

We at Let’s Nurture, a leading IoT solutions company in India, believe in IoT technology and solutions to have brought huge benefits to healthcare industry.

Higher Patient Engagement

Patients can now use IoT based healthcare devices and mobile apps to monitor and access health records instantly. Patients can also see progress reports and join various healthcare programs.

Increased Doctor Efficiency

IoT remote diagnostic healthcare app allows doctors to have access to their patient information in advance which leads to better decision making and outcomes. Biggest benefits is remote patient monitoring.

Error-free Automated Workflow

IoT technology makes it possible for the collected medicinal records of patients to transmit automatically. Data transfer automation avoids manual errors and installs a secure workflow.

Enhanced Patient Experience

IoT app development for healthcare improves overall patient experience by providing timely intervention and diagnosis, improved accuracy, proactive treatments, and better treatment outcomes.

Benefits of AI technology in Remote Diagnostic System

Alerts will be triggered when metrics undergo an unusual change, which will alert patient to get the immediate consultation provided by the specialist. There may be an option to contact the individuals or team for urgent help.

Help patients for course of action

AI powered Chatbots are encouraged to be used instead of humans to help people looking for emergency services to provide instant & reliable information.

Consolidated data to be reviewed

Data gathering from multiple sources may be time consuming. AI technology speeds up this process by blending results with key data points to be reviewed.

Help doctors in report analysis

For a critical ailments like Cancer, Machine learning can review millions of images to help doctors in carrying out odd results and making respective decisions.

Learning progressively

AI-ML uses algorithms which improve by time as more images are fed to it along with doctors’ feedback. This makes future diagnosis better based on past results.

Basic Features- Cost Estimation Sheet for Remote Diagnostic Healthcare Solution

Users Patient App Doctor App Admin
Features Registration/ Login support Registration/ Login Login
Phone validation/ Forgot password Manage Profile Dashboard
Manage Profile/ Add users Accept Patient Request Manage Profile
Product Listings of Healthcare devices Manage Patients Manage Users (Patients & Doctors)
Shopping Cart and Checkout Seek Guardians Manage Payments/ Transactions
Payment Gateway Integration Export/ Import Data Manage Devices and Compatibility
View/ Cancel Requests Manage Listings/ Categories Manage data import/ export system
View and manage health records Manage Appointments Manage Requests/ Appointments
Search/ Add Doctors Reminders Manage Notifications
Book Appointment/ Reminders Manage Categories
Cost of IoT based Remote Diagnostic System $14000-$16000 for Mobile App (Android + iOS) + Web Admin

Add-on Features

Users Features
Patient/ Doctor App User Paid subscription
Multi device compatibility
In-app purchase to unlock new devices
Live Video Consultation platform

Resource Team

Our expert consultants will make you a walk-through about the project initiation, analysis, team deployment, NDA Sign up and kick off, development phase and delivery. The resource team needed for developing IoT based Remote Diagnostic System would normally comprise of:

  • 1 Web Developer
  • 1 IoT developer
  • 1 Machine Learning Engineer
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Business Analyst
  • 1 Quality Analyst

Technology Stack We use to develop

Fabric iOS
Fabric iOS
Android Studio
Android Studio
Google Analytics
Google Analytics
Google API
Google API
MEAN Stack
MEAN Stack
Mantis BT
Mantis BT
Google Webmasters
Google Webmasters
swift iOS
swift iOS

Why choose Let’s Nurture to develop IoT/ AI based Remote Healthcare Diagnostic Solution?

We are confident to be the best in this business as we have expertise in working with smart sensors and bluetooth 5.0 enabled hardware devices along with custom IoT app development. IoT developers at Let’s Nurture are experienced in IoT app development and integration, IoT Plug-ins development, IoT app enhancements, IoT migration or upgradation and more.

  • Expert consultation on IoT Technology and applications

  • Evolution, Application and Maintenance of IoT solutions

  • The most agile and swift response

  • Scalability in solutions from Bluetooth sensors to robotics

  • Absolute focus on product realization from Specifications to Prototypes

  • Complete solutions design and delivery from hardware to an application layer

  • Expertise working on various microcontrollers and sensors

  • PCB designs and 3D modeling and printing for custom hardware requirements

At Let’s Nurture, IoT consultants and developers possess extensive experience in designing and executing IoT strategy in healthcare industry to ensure full ROI with unique, robust and scalable IoT solutions.

Have an awesome idea to unlock unique solutions for healthcare industry leveraging IoT and AI technologies?

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We intend to keep it open as per client’s business needs, if clients have their own hardware, we will make it compatible with Android and iOS app that our mobile developers will develop. We can also provide health diagnostic devices from our end with additional cost of hardware devices.

Yes, all the IoT based healthcare mobility solution that are developed at Let’s Nurture are HIPAA compliant.

Yes. This on demand video consultation feature can be implemented at additional cost. Users will able to send report instantly to the doctors.

Yes, we have in-house Alexa Skills developers to build custom Amazon Alexa Skills. We also are proficient in working with all the voice assistant technologies to develop Voice skills and make them work on Amazon Alexa, Echo, Google Home and more.
Yes, it is already provided as a part of our service agreement.
We provide AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) services on a case-to-case basis at 10% of Project cost.
Yes, we do provide flexible hiring models consisting highly skilled and certified resources (web developers, Android app developers, iOS developers, IoT Programmers) which are well versed in mobile app development projects for diverse industries using latest and cutting edge technologies.
We offer a free initial style consultation with no obligation to book an appointment with us. This allows you to get to know our team, gain some valuable advice and decide why we are the right fit for you.
This is to be decided based on region specific industry best practices. Ideally, we recommend 50% advance and 50% escrow to be released after satisfactory level services verified by customer.
Yes, of course. While having a marketplace app, it is very important to include a feedback submission module. It increases the reliability and goodwill between the customers and the owner.

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