How much would it cost to develop a restaurant table reservation app like OpenTable?

Over the last few years, the approach for booking a table or ordering food has changed drastically. You don’t need to wait for your turn in a long queue anymore. All you need to do is launch the app of your preferred provider on your smartphone and click a few buttons.

As for choice, there are several table booking and food ordering applications to choose from. OpenTable is one among them. It has an innovative design, features, and cutting-edge technology. Do you wish to build an application like OpenTable? Read on to know how you can accomplish this task.


About OpenTable

OpenTable provides restaurant-reservation service on the Internet to its clients. It is an app-based service provider that lets its clients book a table as per their preference. The company has been in operation since July 2, 1998. It operates from San Francisco, California in the United States.

The company has a tie-tip with a few select restaurants. Customers can book their slot in those restaurants using the application.

Basic Features- Cost to Develop Restaurant Reservation App like OpenTable

From technology stack to workforce and features/functionalities, you need to consider multiple factors to determine the cost of building an application like OpenTable.

  • Geolocation
  • Search functionality
  • Filters
  • Bookings and order history
  • Integration with social media
  • Notifications
  • Multiple language support
  • Ability to integrate with other restaurant websites
App Users Registered Users Business Owner Delivery Boys Admin Panel
Basic Features Application Access Application Access Application Access Application Access
Update Profile Update Profile Manage Profiles Update Profile
Social Login Manage Menu Manage Order Requests Manage Users
Social media integration Customize orders Order Delivery Manage rating and reviews
Advanced search with suggestion, filters, and reviews Discounts on items Order History Manage Restaurants
Geolocation Manage Payment Push Notifications Manage Restaurant Managers
Restaurant list Manage Billing Delivery Confirmation Manage Filters
Make Reservation Manage Restaurant Reports Map Integration Manage Payments
Check-ins Manage Rating and Reviews Logout Manage Reports
Search restaurant based on seating option Manage Ads Dashboard
Filters Manage Notifications Manage Notifications
Booking History Manage Bookings Manage CMS pages
Add Rating and Reviews Manage Refund Manage Menu Category
Online Payment System Manage Tables Logout
Payment gateway integration View, filter, and export data on reservations
Ads Manage Delivery Partners
Multilingual Manage Orders
Notifications Manage delivery
Cancel Booking Map Integration
Refund Logout
Save Restaurants
share Restaurants
Order food
Track Order
Map Integration
Cost to Develop Restaurant Reservation App like OpenTable $25K - $28K for Mobile app(Android + iOS) + Web Admin

Resource Team to develop App like OpenTable

To effectively build this app, you will need an app development team involving the following members:

  • UI/UX Designer (1-2)
  • iPhone Developer (1-2)
  • Android Developer (1-2)
  • Web Developers (1-2)
  • Business Analyst
  • Quality Analyst
  • Project Manager

Technology Stack

Fabric iOS
Fabric iOS
Android Studio
Android Studio
Google Analytics
Google Analytics
Google API
Google API
MEAN Stack
MEAN Stack
Mantis BT
Mantis BT
Google Webmasters
Google Webmasters
swift iOS
Swift iOS

Why choose Let's Nurture to develop a restaurant table reservation app like OpenTable?

By investing in the restaurant table reservation app development services, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Experience with restaurant table booking and delivery marketplace system development.

  • Diverse expertise in implementing multi-currency & multi -language systems.

  • Geographically diverse team to provide live support round the clock.

  • Digital marketing team of 10 members available in house, to assist with pre & post launch marketing activities.



By including a QA expert on your application development team, you can launch it with the assurance that your app is flawless. However, it is optional and will depend on your budget.

Reviews give consumers a hint about what they can expect from a company. In other words, it plays a vital role in setting up customers’ expectations. As such, you must include this feature in your app.

Depending on how extensive you want the features to be, it would require 12-15 weeks time for delivering a launch ready MVP.

We provide 30-60 days complimentary live support after project completion. Beyond that, we have very competitive AMC services starting from USD 1200 per annum.

Opex usually involves many or all of the below recurring costs:

  • -System support and maintenance
  • -Customer service & support
  • -System hosting server
  • -Third party API subscriptions: SMS Gateway, email API, etc.

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