Data is one of the most significant elements to businesses. And while businesses look for Mobile Apps, the most critical aspect is the development process. The present mobile apps rely heavily on Web Services APIs for information exchange. The majority of the mobile apps are designed to allow integration of more than one API, to be used from multiple locations or sources or enterprise as a whole.

SaaS, Cloud, upcoming entrant PaaS, shopping carts, social media, supply chain management and much more are the examples of a dependence of mobile apps on APIs. Unlike traditional application development approach, API allows developers to build the client application independent of the Web Services API.  There are various APIs coming from a number of locations, organizations or delivery models such as BYOD, SaaS, Cloud, Open API, etc.

Why Businesses Need Robust API Development?

LetsNurture Process

An API is the core business asset that differentiates one Mobile App or the business as a whole to another. The digital footprint and the marketing approaches of the businesses are driven using the mobile apps and websites. A better API implies to an enhanced functionality of the client application. Therefore at LetsNurture, we aim to deliver robust APIs using a different approach in which an API needs to be treated independently (just like a product itself) to be integrated to provide and consume information from unknown customers. This is how we deliver Robust APIs:

Manual / Functional Testing

We ensure that each of the fields for an API is functional. A given API is not developed for a single client and it is expected to be re-used for a number of applications. Therefore, we use independent methods to ensure no functionality, or the format or any other limitations exists in the API. And further, our team will be using automated testing across wide-scale data sources to re-assure the robustness.

Compliance and Security

Standards are very important for Robust API Integration & Development. Standards need to be as per the client requirement and the developer’s standards. These two are equally important in Robust API Development. This is a key factor that helps to avoid versioning in accordance with the client applications. Therefore, in the testing phase itself, we ensure that the Robust API development is working as per your requirement.

And at the same time, we ensure that the Robust API Development is independent of the client application. We also ensure the testing of  SQL Injections, Cross Scripting, Session or Improper Key Management and Other QWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities. Additionally ‘Cloud’ identity structures such as – WS, SAML, OAuth along with key management is the essential elements to test robustness.

Performance Testing and Scalability

Our team works, in the end, focuses towards ensuring the performance & scalability pertaining to the support for hardware, location, encryption, signing of messages, network, time out, load throttling and many more factors.

LetsNurture Solution

Many businesses across a number of verticals have initiated Data Management agents. Agents ensure extraction of value from corporate information using Robust APIs development. In order to achieve so, you require an API that operates independently as just an application itself. At LetsNurture, you can expect the quality that will ensure the Robust API Development that can provide your desired results. To know more about the scope of your project, send us an email at Let’s connect for your Robust API Development.

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