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Liferay is a leading open source enterprise portal platform. It is flexible and has a robust foundation with over 60 built-in portlets that help you realize immediate value. Liferay Portal is a great choice for many organizations as it has low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Along with built-in CMS Development capabilities, Liferay also offers Comprehensive Document Library and Digital Asset Management. It offers rich out-of-the-box (OOTB) functionality around core portal, content management, collaboration, social, mobile, and security.

Liferay development comes with three easy benefits:


  • User benefits: Take control of your work experience.
  • Business benefits: It is a cost effective solution.
  • Developer benefits: Liferay’s commitment to open standards and proven technologies simplifies integration.

Why to hire liferay developers from LetsNurture?


  • Core knowledge of Java: Core Java, JDBC, Servlets and web services to proceed with Liferay development.
  • Expertise in Web technologies and web servers: LetsNurture’s developers have a keen knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript when working on portlet development.
  • Custom Portlet development: Our developers have capabilities to develop custom portlet based on JSR 168 and 286 specifications as well as Spring MVC and Struts portlet frameworks.
  • Thorough understanding of Portlet framework: Our developers are adept in popular Portlet framework like Generic Portlet, Liferay MVC, Spring MVC, JSF, and Primefaces.
  • Portal Design, Support and Maintenance: Our developers are savvy with Liferay portal Liferay portal design, support and maintenance, and Liferay portal Integration with other systems.
  • Custom design: Our developers are experienced in providing Custom Liferay template design, responsive design and themes, Content management system design. We provide custom Liferay theme design and implementation that suits your business needs.
  • Ease of document management: Developers’ vast experience in technologies like Lucene, Hadoop, JackRabbit which form the core of Liferay Search and Document Management.
  • Alfresco Integration: Our Liferay development service include integrating with Alfresco to manage content, and increase content accuracy.
  • Versatility: Our developers are adept to build websites, intranets, collaborative environments, and mobile apps with Liferay development and customization.
  • Migration: Our developers are well-versed in providing Liferay Migration services, re-design, and data migration.

Hire Dedicated Liferay developers from LetsNurture

Our developers have expertise to custom design Liferay portal applications with custom plugins to extend capabilities by integrating different programming languages. Our Liferay development service is agile and scalable to help the clients to extend the functionalities as its business grows. We have expert developers of Liferay solution development and implementation. Our developers can develop Content management system design and Implementation using Liferay
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