After Google proposed its Accelerated Mobile Page which is based on HTML5 document that enables fast loading of pages and makes it easier for the user to view and read the article. Facebook realised the need of instant article development by the fact that how many users attempt to open stories in its mobile app and read all along without sacrificing their web-based experience. The whole idea behind Facebook Instant Article is to give the user an ultimate experience to read, like and share content over facebook and enhance the user engagement.

What is Facebook Instant Article Development ?

The critical problem for integrating the Facebook instant article development was the slow loading of pages on mobile web. There are many pages followed by users on Facebook so that they can be connected to their favourite brands, teams, celebs, bands, etc. All these pages offer different types of contents like images, videos, stories, etc.

While Facebook had already achieved the low data usage video streaming it was time to do something with story based content. So, if a publisher has to put articles or stories for Facebook Instant Articles, the users which are browsing facebook via mobile app will be able to see the entire article within the facebook mobile app will be similar in format to the one on the publisher’s website.

How does it work ?

To get your content published under Facebook Instant Articles the first thing required is a facebook page for your company/brand. And then get a customized software that connects your website/blog CMS (content management system) with the Facebook Instant Articles.

Hence, instant article development provides a platform through which whatever content you publish on your website or blog can be easily published on the Facebook and that too with the compatibility of HTML5 which allows your followers to connect swiftly with your articles.

LetsNurture IT Process

Generating Revenue

Now we will understand quickly how instant article development helps generate revenue. The best part of Facebook Instant Articles is that it doesn’t interfere with the advertising revenue that one gets on page views. Facebook gives full authority to the publisher to get advertisers and generate revenue directly for the page space. But if a publisher doesn’t want to get involved with handling of advertisers then also facebook supports the publisher and gets advertisement on the page for a small commission.


Getting Business across all Social Networks

As part of your brand promotion and customer engagement, Facebook Instant Articles is a great tool. LetsNurture makes it easy for you to reach out to your audience that uses social networks as part of their daily content intake. Our customized tools that integrate with your existing CMS makes it a no effort job for you to post content on Facebook Instant Articles. The sky is not the limit, just open your wings and fly.

So to prosper further in your field of expertise or expand the limits of your business, one should always take the full advantage of instant article development. We, at LetsNurture, will do our best in ensuring this. Please send your inquiries at

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