Apple TV’s user interface has been in makeover since the past 8 years. The main aim of the then CEO of Apple Steve Jobs was to create the simplest of the user interfaces. Since the introduction of Siri in iPhone 4S, Apple TV has also thrived in getting voice navigation on it as well. Some of the features of the Apple TV are simply cannot be matched and that is what makes it unique for the users. Here are some of the main features of Apple TV which tempts to shift your iPhone applications to tvOS.

New main menu:

Initially it was a rumour that the Apple TV was going to introduce interfaces or rather the operating systems similar to iOS 7/8/9. But to everyone’s surprise the interface they came up with was simply impeccable. When you go close to an application its icon enlarges itself with its name at the bottom allowing you to know which app it is without opening it.

Parallax icons:

The most enjoyed thing in the new tvOS is the way cursor selection responds to subtle touches. But it is difficult to predict whether Apple is supporting both completely flat and parallax abilities. But on the innovation point of view this is an option which the makers might want to consider on a later stages.

Apple TV gets iOS 7/8/9:

Edge to edge graphics which eliminates the unnecessary border has been the main features of the improved iOS versions. When the user is watching a movie on the tvOS, the TV screen is filled with colours and it eliminates the stark black and white edges which the initial iOS of Apple TV had. This new tvOS is more subtle and cohesive compared to the old versions.

With all the above features one would want to access their photographs and watch videos on a wider screen. Watching news with 1080p resolution is an added luxury. Apple has been constantly thriving to make changes in their tvOS so you can expect more surprises following your way soon.

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