Microsoft’s acquisition of Xamarin opens the floodgates to a deluge of new enterprise mobile applications. Leverage cross-platform framework to build flawless Android/iOS apps.

Xamarin – A Robust Cross Platform App Development Framework

Xamarin builds native and cross-platform applications to shape up the needs of your business. So, here are few features of Xamarin.

  • Native API Access

We provide long lasting experience in development on multiple platforms with Xamarin’s Native API Access that arises an opportunity to maximize the use of APIs and SDKs as provided by Apple and Google.

  • Native UI Compatibility

Xamarin app development gives a feel of pure and unadulterated UX with its native UI that looks and performs like platform-specific apps. Also, we have depth in knowledge in developing mobile apps performing its best preserving native platform traits.

  • Multiple OS SDK integrations

Android and iOS that are coupled with Microsoft SDKs offer coherent experience for implementing C# code that can be re-used across all major platforms. However, Xamarin imparts the facility to build apps for multiple devices and platforms within a single platform.

  • Up-to-date with latest Android & iOS APIs

Xamarin apps stays updated with the latest Android and iOS features. Moreover, Xamarin evolves with timely delivery with best native experience.

  • Automated Testing

Xamarin Test Cloud enables automatic mobile testing. Moreover, it allows users to test apps from all corners of the world using gestures like pinches, swipes etc.

Hire Xamarin App Developers from LetsNurture

Xamarin helps to accommodate the developed mobile applications with social networks and cloud services like Sales force, Azure and Amazon. Besides, LetsNurture leverages the Xamarin to develop hybrid applications with the support of best development tools like Xamarin Platform, Xamarin Test Cloud and Xamarin Insights.

LetsNurture tends to prove its skill and excellence in xamarin app development. Moreover, we integrate our domain knowledge with the technology competency and business awareness to deliver high-quality and cost-effective solutions. Get in touch with us at


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