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Everyone from a startup to an established Fortune 500 organization needs to have a fully functional, immaculate and bug free software- may be a website or any mobile app. We understand the essential need to hire manual QA professional developers for your any project to be a success. Understanding the demand of hiring dedicated QA professionals, LetsNurture provides flexible options to hire our expert QA engineers on hourly, part-time or full-time basis.

Why hire QA Professionals from LetsNurture?

We are IT service providers providing end-to-end IT solution with a client centric approach. It is imperative that QA engineer works in conjunction with the software developers for a smooth and error free workflow. This is the core area where LetsNurture can come to your rescue by making available its highly experienced and dedicated QA professionals at competitive prices. We are focused on delivering high performance quality assurance services while keeping up with the rapid innovations in technical landscape.

Our team of QA professionals has enhanced and maintained the delivery standards throughout the years. They have unmatched efficiency for the best user experience having profound technical knowledge and expertise to rigorously test the most complex and critical softwares or applications.

Hire QA Professionals from LetsNurture- what we offer?

QA professionals at LetsNurture are experts in implementing the best practices to achieve the core purpose of delivery quality assured services. We do manual testing to include human interaction in order to get rid of those flaws which are ignored while doing automated testing. We also do QA testing in terms of accessibility testing for a disabled friendly design. Hire QA professionals from LetsNurture for the following areas:

  • Test Cases : It is the second most detailed way to document testing which describes a specific idea that is to be tested without detailing the exact steps to be taken or data to be used.
  • Unit Testing : It involves only those characteristics that are vital to the performance of the unit under test. The smallest testable parts of an application are called units which are individually and independently scrutinized for proper operation.
  • Manual Testing : Unlike automated testing, manual testing gives the added element of actual human (user) interaction while testing the app instead of a software itself. Without human interaction, you will not get an insight to the visual elements of UI like colour choices, font size, contrast or button sizes. Automated testing will not help while monitoring a disable friendly design. Few things will be dependent on humans like touch, feel of the website, listening and visual. For example, while accessing a restaurant website, if there is a “Submit” button, automated testing will not tell you that it should be “Booking” instead of that. These are prime limitations of automated testing.
  • A/B Testing : A/B testing (also known as split testing or bucket testing) is a method of comparing two versions of a web page or app against each other to determine which one performs better. Using A/B testing software, our QA engineers follow the test for creation of test pages, making the desired changes, setting up tests, allocating the website traffic and collecting the relevant data.
  • Regression Testing : It is a type of software testing to confirm that a recent program or code change has not adversely affected existing features. Regression testing is nothing but full or partial selection of already executed test cases which are re-executed to ensure existing functionalities work fine.
  • Test Reports : It is the least detailed type of documentation that describes the objective of any user that might face when using the program. Test report defines all data like start testing, the number of bugs, number risk associated during testing etc. In short, we can say that test report is the summary of test activities and final test result.
  • Bug Tracking Tools : Our QA professionals use the bug tracking tool that keeps track of reported software bugs in any development project. Software tester find the bugs which are stored in one tool which called as a bug report tool. Ex: Open Project, Jira, Bug Zill, Mentis etc.
  • Selenium(3rd party product) : It is an automation tool where tester has to write the test script and based on that test script, entire web is performed under a testing by selenium tool.
  • Test Scripts : The QA tester has to write code as per testing section. Like if the tester has to perform testing on any web login page and then has to write the test script for the login form. After that, it is only required to run the code and tool automatically start testing based on that test script.
  • Simulations using Native Testing Tools : It is in-built tool which associated with any app development platform.

If you care enough about your project and are looking to hire QA professionals for a bug-free website or mobile application, get in touch with us to discuss in detail.


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