Alfresco is the leading open source enterprise content management system written in Java, JSP and JavaScript. Alfresco development is leading choice for enterprises to choose as their Document Management System or CMS web development. Alfresco provides great flexibility in defining user roles and privileges on content which is very useful for enterprises.

Alfresco One

Alfresco One is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform with hybrid, on-premise, cloud, and mobile delivery options. It offers end-to-end content management, including images, photographs, and videos. Its intuitive design improves the efficiency of business processes and promotes a friendly and enriching user experience. Moreover, it also offers robust security features to protect and control access to the data.

Alfresco for Cloud

Alfresco offers its services on cloud through SaaS. It securely enables users to access the content from any device at anytime, and anywhere.

Alfresco Mobile

Alfresco development offers free mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets that allows users to manage the content of the website while on the go.

Advantages of Alfresco development

  • Simplified web designing
  • Rich collaboration tools
  • Ease of editing and managing image files
  • Get rid of additional license fees
  • Ease of software modification and customization because of the Open Source license
  • Ease of accessing current updates and rich functionality
  • High scalability
  • Full integration with popular office suites, like Microsoft Office, and OpenOffice.

Features to leverage from LetsNurture’s expertise for Alfresco Development:

  • Document management, Records Management, Image Management
  • Integrated publishing
  • Multi-language support
  • Multi-platform support (officially Windows, Linux and Solaris)
  • Browser-based GUI
  • Online integration with Google Docs
  • Clustering support
  • Multiple database support: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle Database (Enterprise Edition), IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server (Enterprise Edition).

LetsNurture has expertise and adept technical knowledge to help you build a content management system with Alfresco Development. Our developers thrive to remain well updated about the latest technologies and technical developments. If you are looking for an unexcelled organization for CMS development, you are landed on the right page.

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