MOTO 360 is an Android wear smart watch, an instant attraction. The more you know about it the more you fall in love with this sleek and savvy device. A watch with a purpose that everyone would love to display on their wrist. For the watch-gadgets freak people, MOTO 360 is a perfect wear. Smart Watch Application can extend user experience of your mobile application to the next level & your business can stay connected with real world at longer period of time.

Now the entire world of the internet is right there in a round shape on your wrist! Stay connected with the world without even touching your smartphone. Feeling smarter already?

Android wear was big part of Google I/O 2014 and it seems that Google is quite serious about the wearable technology

So let’s see what exactly this beautiful piece of thing can do to you:

    • Showing the day’s weather
    • Upcoming events
    • Travel Time
    • Appointment notifications
    • Emails, chats

The fancy thing is that all you have to use is the voice command to use any of the said features above. Stay connected to the world, all the time.

Flash your stylish Android smart gear that has an iconic design made up of stainless steel and leather. “It’s everything you need, with a look that you want,” said Motorola in its announcement. Well, we won’t deny it too.
Lets Nurture understands that it’s not a usual device to be developed and here at Lets Nurture we possess the specialized team who work to build the app for MOTO 360. We make it the way you want, perfect.
Well, wearables are a next big thing and we know the huge market waiting outside. In the wake of the fact we have developed our expertise in Android wear and designs. Our team constantly works to better the app.

The MOTO 360 is equipped with a9-axis Gyro/accelerometer/compass, pedometer, Optical heart rate monitor, Bluetooth connectivity etc.

At Lets Nurture, we have experienced of using all these sensors for wearable app development. Mail us on


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